Nintendo Indie World Showcase announced for tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that it will hold an Indie World Showcase tomorrow.

The presentation will begin at 7 am PT/10 am ET and will last approximately 20 minutes. As the name implies, the games featured will be indies, so don’t expect to see a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or anything like that here. However, if it’s like the latest Indie World Showcase that aired in December, we could have some indie treats.

That December showcase came with the release of Chicory: A Colorful Tale on Switch, a new look at Sea of ​​Stars, and several game reveals, and it was a great time. I hope tomorrow’s 20-minute presentation does it justice. As you might have guessed, fans are already preparing their ritual circles in hopes that the Hollow Knight sequel, Hollow Knight Silksong, will appear, just as they did before the last Indie World Showcase. Naturally, it’s unknown if Silksong will make an appearance tomorrow, but it would be a great time if he did.

While you wait for tomorrow’s showcase, stay on top of everything that was announced at December’s Indie World Showcase and then read on. Game Informer list of our most anticipated indie releases for 2022. If you’re looking for an indie game to play today, be sure to check it out Game Informer list of top 10 indies to play right now.

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