Pokémon Fan Art Gives Gym Leader Koga a New Look

along the pokemon franchise, video game players and main characters from the anime and manga battled against Gym Leaders to become better trainers and earn badges. ONE pokemon fan has been recreating some Gym Leaders, Koga being the most recent they posted.

Koga is from Fuchsia City and was a Poison-type Gym Leader in Gen 1 before becoming one of the Elite Four members of the Indigo Plateau in Gen 2. Being one of the first Gym Leaders in the franchise, Koga is one of the most iconic, appearing in many video games and being a main antagonist in the early chapters of pokemon adventures manga series.


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A Reddit user, ibralui, has made his own fan art of some of the pokemon‘s Gym Leaders, including Koga. He looks older with shorter, blue and white hair instead of being black. His uniform was also redesigned, giving him a blue scarf instead of a red one, as well as a blue pattern on his gray clothes instead of being simply dark blue. Since Koga is a Poison-type Gym Leader, one of the Pokémon he has is a Weezing, which was also included in the fan art.

Other Reddit users liked this redesign that ibralui did of Koga, finding it cool to see him look much older than he does in the franchise’s games, anime, manga, and other media. Some people also mentioned that they are looking forward to seeing the other Gym Leaders that ibralui redesigns.

So far, ibralui has also recreated Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge and Erika, all of them also Gym Leaders that have been around since Gen 1, when red pokemon and Blue, the first two titles in the franchise, released. If the pattern continues, ibralui will likely redraw Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni next as they are the three remaining gym leaders from generation 1.

This has been an amazing year for pokemon fans so far. Not only have many creative artists like ibralui posted beautiful art, but new titles have been released and announced. Pokemon Legends: Arceus came out in January, which many fans liked, and pokemon scarlet and Tolet, the upcoming 9th generation open world games, have been announced to be released later this year. There were also many new episodes for the main anime series and a miniseries, Pokemon: Hisuian Snowcomes out next week.

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