Pyromancer becomes latest Final Fantasy XIV streamer banned for third-party add-ons

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Pyromancer, a well-known Final Fantasy XIV streamer, has been banned for violating the Terms of Service (TOS) on third-party devices. The ban comes two days after a crackdown on third-party equipment was announced. However, there is controversy surrounding the ban because of evidence that Pyromancer was the victim of brigading and targeted reporting.

On Monday, May 9, FFXIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida outlined an official blog post, outlining more stringent modes for third-party modes and add-ons. The next day, two high-level campaigners were banned from the stream for violating the rules. Pyromancer’s ban came days later.

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But as a post on the fellow Final Fantasy XIV streamer Arthus As it turns out, Pyromancer seems to be the target of the brigade. Show two posts, a 5ch message board and a Japanese message board, plan and pre-written report card.

The ban came just minutes after a mockery from Pyromancer about the recent possibility of add-ons being implemented, which certainly seems like a targeted report.

The controversy over add-ons seems to be growing, with more and more streamers being affected. What’s more, the traditionally welcomed Final Fantasy XIV community is divided by those who not only want to enforce the rules, but will actively hunt down magicians who disagree with them. This isn’t a good look for Square Enix’s premier MMO.

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