Roblox Spotify Island Codes (May 2022) – Free Hearts!

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Roblox Spotify Island offers casual players a fun parkour environment where you can slide and jump around the map to collect special trinkets โ€” all while listening to delightful background music. As a map that focuses too much on exploration and discovery (much like Spotify!), Many of us want to add some character to our character.

With the codes we’ve listed below, you’ll be able to quickly find the in-game resources you need to get the resources you need for special cosmetics that show your dedication to music. Whether you just want to feel like a musician who has collected hearts or you want to use those hearts to buy your favorite way out of the store, these codes will help you get there!

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List all Spotify island codes

Updated May 11

New code added

Spotify island code (work)

Here’s a look at all the functional Spotify islands Code

  • S.POTIFY20K– Redeem for 2k Heart (New)

Spotify Island Code (Expired)

This Spotify island code no longer works.

How to redeem Spotify Island code

It’s easy to redeem the code for free prizes on Spotify Island.

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide
  1. Play, press Tickets / codes Button on the right side of the screen.
  2. In the text box, type the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  3. Press Claim Button to claim your prize!

What is Spotify Island Code?

Spotify Island codes are Spotify, keywords and phrases provided by the developer, which you can use in the game to get instant rewards. The first code for Spotify Island provides players with 2k hearts in the game, which can be used in the game store. These are rarely omitted and have no expiration date, so it’s best to redeem them as soon as possible!

How can I get more Spotify island code?

Since codes are rarely added to the game, the best way to get them is to bookmark this page and check out more codes every few weeks. We add them as soon as they become available to us, making this page an easy source for the most updated list.

If you don’t mind putting in extra effort to get the new code, you can follow social media for Spotify. Them Twitter account Focus more on the Spotify app instead of the RoboLux games, but usually on the Spotify Island Discord channel as soon as they become available!

What is Spotify Island?

Spotify Island is a popular Roblox game that focuses on providing players with a safe, casual environment where you can hang out with friends and listen to great music. Explore the island on your own or at a party to find hidden collection items that earn you the coin of Hearts, the game. Use Hearts in the game to buy special trails and other cosmetics to show all the players on your server!

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