Some Pokemon fans want Raichu to receive a Buff

Although Raichu is the evolved form of the most popular Pokémon in the world, one fan believes it should be in line for stat improvements.

The pokemon Game series and anime adaptations have been with the world for 25 years, and their rich history includes over 900 different species of captureable companions. the arrival of red pokemon and Blueor green pokemon for those who live in Japan, it has captured the hearts of millions of game fans around the world.

The introduction to pokemon The games brought the three adorable starters – Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle – while the alternate version of yellow pokemon included the Pokemon Pikachu mascot as its starter. While its refusal to evolve into the much more powerful Raichu was a built-in mechanic, the evolved form is just as appreciated as its counterpart.


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Raichu, listed as number 26 on the National Pokedex and titled Mouse Pokemon, evolves from its base Pikachu form using a Thunder Stone. While Ash’s Pikachu refuses to evolve because it wants to become stronger like a Pikachu, its evolved form has higher base stats. Its combination of a strong physical attack and high speed made it a Pokémon so powerful that the Pokémon Gym Leader LT. Surge introduced one of his at his party. As powerful as it is, Reddit user diegomenagin14 took to the social media platform to declare that Raichu should be improved on its base stats.

They point out that Raichu’s base stat total of 485 is considerably low considering it’s the evolved form of the most famous Pokémon in the series and that the Eevee line of evolutions has recently received buffs of its own. Because Raichu was given an alternate form in the introduction of pokemon sun and Moon‘s Alolan Raichu, many believe it’s a good time for Raichu to receive some love, with the ninth generation on the way. Adding to the commentary, diegomenagin14 believes that Raichu should also get additions to his moveset as he is currently very shallow and predictable, especially in a competitive environment. Its most powerful move is Thunder, which has a base power of 110 but is hampered by its 70% accuracy rate, while Thunderbolt is the most versatile move with 100% accuracy and 90 base power.

The recommendation of a total of 350 stats would put Raichu on par with the starting lines of Pokemon like Blastoise, Decidueye, and Cinderace, along with Aggron, Golisopod, and Walrein. While many of the users who responded agreed with the general statement, some point out that the versatility behind using Raichu isn’t as deep as it could be, with strategies revolving around outspeeding opposing Pokémon and trying to knock them out with one blow. It’s worth noting that Raichu received a small boost in the release of pokemon sword and Shieldwith its speed stat going up to 110. Combining this with the Lightning Rod ability and Fake Out as a support move, some think the adorable chubby mouse is fine the way it is.

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