Soul Knight Codes (May 2022)

Dungeon crawlers are quite popular titles, and Soul Knight combines this favorite genre with nostalgic 2D visuals to create a beautiful mobile experience. Use different characters, skills and abilities to fight your way through enemies and masters in this dark and confusing landscape. If you are looking for some extra help in your journey with this unforgiving title then our code list may be all you need.

Pro Game Guides compile every available code that players can get for Soul Knight to make their journey a little easier. Use these codes for extra resources and items to spend most of your time on Soul Night.

List all Soul Night codes

The Pro Game Guide updates the list of Soul Night codes each time a new code is released for the title. Redeem the codes when you find them, as most of them are only available for a limited time. The Pro Game Guide examined each of the codes listed below for authenticity before publishing the article. If you find any code in this list, let us know so we can remove it.

Properly list the codes shown below to avoid the following codes not working!

Code redemption is only available on Android devices.

Soul Night Codes (Working)

[Updated Jan. 10]

Super 5 Redeem for 555 James and x3 free trial vouchers
Will Redeem for 500 gems, x1 Heptacolor Viola, and x1 fertilizer
Weapons Redeem for x1 vines, x2 green onions (plants), and x1 carrots (plants)
Garden Redeem for x1 oak tree, x1 ironwood, x1 gear flower and x1 trumpet flower (plant)
Flowers Redeem for x5 Heptacolor Viola
Bigmouth Redeem for x1 titan comfort, x1 fertilizer, and 500 gems
Ginkgo biloba x3 Release for fertilizer
I’m a robot Redeem for x5 parts, x5 battery, and 515 gems
WIERD Redeem for x1 Iron Stone, x1 Timber, and 888 Gems.
100000 Redemption for 500 gems ৷
SKGIFT Redemption for 500 gems ৷
Sconite Redemption for 488 gems 7
SKBACK Redemption for 999 gems 6
Duoshou Redemption for 500 gems ৷
DRUID Redemption for 999 gems 6
QDKYS Redeem for 577 gems
Newhall Redeem for 999 gems
BYETIGER Redeem for 777 gems
TDY8E Redemption for 888 gems 7
MIAO Redemption for 555 gems 7

Soul Night Code (Expired)

These The code can no longer be claimed

  • NERD7Z
  • XMAS2017
  • Gosada
  • Distilled
  • 18NTD
  • GDX6K
  • 70 years
  • Dark
  • Forget it
  • 19 New Year
  • 2 Thaniv
  • FRBK1
  • Will be
  • T74SC
  • 3HA1S
  • 51KUAILE
  • Jijiren

How to redeem Soul Night Code

To redeem Soul Night Code, when turned on The main starting screenWhere it says tap to start, look to the bottom right of the screen and you’ll see one Square button with an icon of Cog.

Press this Cog, and a new menu will appear on the left side of the screen. You want to tap The second button at the top, which is a picture of a padlock.

A new window will appear, where you can copy and paste the above codes or type. Then press The green tick To confirm.

If the code is accepted, it will show what you got. If the code does nothing, then selecting the green tick will not work. If you have used the code before, a message will appear informing you that you have already used it.

What should I do if my codes don’t work?

If the codes don’t work when you enter the codes into your game, check and see if you entered the codes correctly, especially when inputting the correct code on a mobile device. Make sure you use caps when entering codes

Where can I find more information about Soul Night?

To get real-time updates on these popular mobile titles, go ChilirumTwitter page. Developers post regular updates on each of their titles.

What is Soul Night?

Soul Night is a dungeon-crawling experience where players can collect unique ranges and an array of combat weapons to destroy enemies as they move forward with several rogue-like inspirations through this title. Take control of more than 270 weapons and fight the bosses as you master the heroes with their own unique skills.

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