Spooky Pokemon animation shows what it would be like to meet Snorlax in real life

Snorlax is one of the most recognized Pokémon in the pokemon franchise, with the large creature used in many franchise merchandise. Snorlax stands out in the original pokemon games because of the unique situation players find it in. Unlike other Pokémon, which are more often found hiding in tall grass, a sleeping Snorlax blocks players’ path in the original games. pokemon players need to use the Poke Flute item to wake up Snorlax, at which point they have the opportunity to defeat him in battle or try to catch him to add to their roster.


Snorlax is generally described as a friendly Pokémon, but its size would still make it terrifying to encounter in real life. Artist the.revival on TikTok recently showed what it would be like if someone actually found a Snorlax. For those unfamiliar with the.revival’s work, they do pokemon animations that go for a realistic aesthetic, and do a good job of making people realize just how terrifying the world of pokemon it would be if the creatures really existed.

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In this latest video from the.revival, a Pokémon trainer sees a Snorlax resting against a tree in a storm. The Pokémon Trainer has a basket of apples with them, and after learning more about Snorlax using their Pokedex, they carefully set the basket aside.

This stormy weather and dark forest give the video an atmosphere of foreboding, even if nothing bad actually happens. His other videos have a similar vibe, like the video of a Pokémon trainer meeting Onix on Victory Road, and the one where Gengar is terrorizing a Poke Mart.

The video where Gengar is haunting a Poke Mart gives pokemon fans a look at several other items from pokemon universe in the.revival realistic art style. It’s cool to see, and I hope the videos keep coming. There are a lot of Pokemon that the.revival hasn’t made a video about yet, so it will be interesting to see what else they can dream up.

Meanwhile, o.revival might get some new inspiration soon too. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are releasing in late 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and will introduce some new Pokemon to the franchise. So far, only the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokémon have been revealed when it comes to new Pokémon, but more reveals are expected to come out in the coming months.

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