Star Wars: Hunters receives battle pass, features, event, and more

Star Wars: Hunters is not yet available worldwide, but it is getting an update that adds a battle pass, new features, cosmetics and a limited time event. In addition to these, it is expanding the areas in which it is found.

This news comes through Zinga Star Wars Twitter. It reads, “Arena is growing! We’re expanding our new battle pass and limited time game mode, matchup campaign, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.”

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Battle Pass will launch free and paid tracks where players can unlock in-game items by acquiring Battle Pass XP. This can be earned by playing daily and weekly challenges and matches. There will also be an all-access pass with legendary unlocks

The limited-time event MATCHUP MAYHEM will allow players to play Star Wars: The Hunters as a random character, which they do not yet own, making it the perfect way to test new characters. Other new additions include a jump button, reusable clambering and new cosmetics.

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