Warframe Tier List: Best Warframes 2022

Warframe, as a game, has a lot of customizable exo-suits that you can get your hands on. Some of these suites are perfectly versatile and excel in each role. Although some other suits are suitable for a certain type of work based on their capabilities and their statistics. With all of these parameters in mind, here’s a quick list of all the warframes from the best to the greatest.

Warframe tear list


Warframes at this level are the most deadly. Not only can they dish really high damage, they can make a beating. That said, these warframes can be easily used by new and advanced players.

Warframe Power
Sarin Molt, Spores, Toxic Lash, Miasma
Whisp Will-O-Whisp, Reservoir, Breach Surge, Soul Gate
Mesa Shooting gallery, ballistic battery, shutter shield, peacemaker
Octavia Resonator, Mallet, Metronome, Amp


Warframes at this level are good, but they come with their own weaknesses. You can use these warframes in almost every situation, but you need to use modes to deal with the vulnerabilities that come with these warframes.

Warframe Power
Khora Ensnare, Whip Claw, Venari, Strangledome
Nova Wormhole, null star, antimatter drop, molecular prime
Ukong Defy, Celestial Twin, Cloud Walker, Primal Fury
Nidus Virulence, larvae, parasitic links, ravenous
Volt Shock, motion, electric shield, discharge
The mirage Eclipse, Hall of Mirrs, Sleight of Hand, Prism
Gara Splinter Storm, Shattered Lash, Spectroscopy, Mass Vitrify
Gauss Thermal beautiful, mach rush, kinetic plating, redline
Protea Blaze artillery, grenade fan, dispensary, temporal anchor
Revenant Enthrall, Mesmer Skin, Reave, Danse Macabre
Trinity Blessings, Well of Life, Energy Vampire, Link
Rhinoceros Roar, Rhino Charge, Iron Skin, Rhino Stump
Nehja Divine Spears, Fire Walker, Blazing Wheel, Wording Hello
Baruch Clear storm, lonely hand, elud, lul
Sevagoth Cut, sow, depression, high shade
Equinox Mend and Mime, Metamorphosis, Rest and Rage, Pacific and Provoke
Necros Shadow of the dead, soul punch, terrible, unclean
Harrow Condemnation, austerity, steadfastness, agreement
Jaku Xata’s Whisper, Grasp of Lakh, The Lost, The Vast Untime
Gair Arc Sphere, Coil Horizon, Cathode Grace, Rotorwell
Titania Lantern, spellbind, tribute, razorwing
Ivara Navigator, Caviar, Prole, Artemis Bow
Brother Photon Strike, Minelair, Tesla Nervos, Bastille
Lavos Ofidian byte, vial rush, transmission probe, catalyzed
Chroma Elemental Word, Spectral Scream, Wax Armor, EFG
Embers Fireball, Emulation, Fire Blast, Inferno

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These warframes are not as great as the ones above They are usually suitable for a very specific playstyle. While you may be able to adapt to these warframes very quickly, you’ll want to move faster and better.

Warframe Power
Oberon Hello Ground, Smite, Renewal, Reckoning
Mag Pull, magnetize, polarize, crush
Limbo Stasis, Banish, Rift, Serge Cataclysm
Excalibur Exhaust blade, slash dash, radial bind, radial javelin
Hildrin Belfair, Pillage, Haven, Aegis Storm
Ash Teleport, Shuriken, Smoke Screen, Blade Storm
Caliban Razor Gair, Sentinel Wrath, Deadly Descendants, Fusion Strike
Inaros Desiccation, Devor, sandstorm, scarab swarm
Well done Hysteria, Rip Line, Warcry, Paralysis
Loki Invisibility switch, decay, teleport, radial unarmed
The eagle Bleeding, horrible mirrors, blood altars, looking for talons
Snowfall Snow waves, frozen, snow globes, snowfall
Flute Gold, sonic boom, silence, sound vibration
Atlas Petrify, Landslide, Tectonics, Rumbler
Jeffrey Tail Wind, Airburst, Turbulence, Tornado


These warframes are the best average. This is a completely different story if you like to use them. However, they are only effective in very few situations, so try to get rid of them.

Warframe Power
Nyx Exploitation, mind control, mental bolt, chaos
Hydroid Tidal waves, undertow, tempest barrage, tent swarms
Early Sea Snares, Merulina, Aqua Blades, Riptide
Grendel Nurture, feast, re-establish, pulverize

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