Watch Elden Ring Let Me Solo Your Player Kill Your 1000th Malenia

The famous Elden ring player, Let Me Solo Her, accomplishes the remarkable feat of defeating one of the toughest bosses in the game, Malenia, 1,000 times. Fans and other players of Elden ring watch in awe as Let Me Solo Her overcomes the task of defeating the boss 20 times in less than 3 hours.

The Malenia boss, Blade of Miquella, is a thorn in everyone’s side Elden ring players as it has two difficult stages full of different attacks that are deadly and super fast. She is able to heal herself, apply Scarlet Rot to the player, and also take a shot at the player quite easily, which makes the achievement of defeating her 1,000 times even more impressive.


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Let Me Solo Her, also known as Jarnished or Klein Tsuboi, is well known in the Elden ring community as a handy hand whose summons is always waiting for players outside the Malenia encounter arena. They provide assistance to all the Spotted who are facing the boss fight, always dressed in nothing but the standard unarmored loincloth and a pitcher on their head. Specializing in a particular boss fight takes a lot of work, which is exactly why Let Me Solo Her spends the dozens of hours it takes to defeat Malenia 1,000 times.

The live stream lasts 2 hours and 41 minutes, but viewers can skip ahead to the final fight where Let Me Solo Her defeats Malenia for the thousandth time in around 2 hours and 14 minutes. They follow the fight with the quintessential “Ring” gesture animation, as the music hits a crescendo and the counter in the upper right reaches 1,000.

As in any video game, Elden ring is host to a plethora of challenges including boss fights, traversal puzzles, etc., and it also has many players ready to take on these challenges. Let Me Solo Her has honorable intentions for their relentless fight against Malenia’s boss, because they only wish to provide the best possible assistance to all new tainted ones trying to overcome Malenia.

While it might seem extreme to get to the point of defeating a boss 1,000 times, Let Me Solo Her actually has a firm grasp of the game mechanics and seems to be enjoying its time beating bosses in Elden ring. Spotted all over the world can expect to join Elden ring players who have taken responsibility for becoming the best they can be.

Elden ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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