Where to find the tenth Giant’s Heart in Shadespire in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, there are a variety of collectible items that you can search for prizes. This is called the collectible one The heart of the monster. They look like gems and are described as the heart of a giant that fell during the hollow war. These collectible items can be acquired in a variety of ways, as mentioned Collectible List

The The heart of the tenth demon One of the easiest you can get. To achieve this, you must have access Minar There are event and item levels of at least 480.

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When you reach the tower, you must reach the 35th floor. On this floor you have to defeat a boss. Elemental Night of Darkness To move forward. Use your waking power or push him into a blow attack and eventually knock him down on the floor.

One of the rewards you get for completing this floor is the heart of the Tenth Giant. You don’t have to select it in your inventory or do anything to tie it to your character to get it.

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