Where to Use Simple Key & Hideout Key

Players trying to figure out what Simple Key and Hideout Key can use in Salt and Sacrifice can get help here.

Simple key is a key item Salt and sacrifice Players that could loot from the bosom of the Arcridge District in the village of Ashbourne. It can be used to open a metal lockbox that has a hideout key and that item will give fans access to a special room on another part of the level. For those players who aren’t sure exactly where to use it Salt and sacrificeIts simple key and hideout key, full details can be found in this guide.

Salt and say: How to get the simple key

A quick walkthrough that covers how the simple key will be used, before going into detail Salt and sacrifice Players can get items that may be relevant. There’s a walkthrough here, and it starts at the entrance to the Arkridge District in the village of Ashbourne:

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  1. Climb into the first room and exit through the door in the upper-right corner to enter a courtyard.
  2. Cross the yard with Salt and sacrificeIts marked explorer and climb on wooden scaffolding.
  3. Use the grappling hook to reach a chest on the left, which has a simple key.

Salt and Boli: Where to use simple keys

With a simple key in hand, Salt and sacrifice The characters are now ready to use it, and the lockbox that opens it is at the top of the Archers District. Here’s a route that players can follow to get to the lockbox, and it starts at the chest that contains the simple key:

  1. Simple key Navigate to the stone platform above the chest and enter the building on the left.
  2. Climb to the right of this building and go through the door in the upper-right corner.
  3. Jump to the top of the wall and travel left after reaching the roof.
  4. Use the grappling hook to cross a gap and walk to the left as far as possible.
  5. Jump up the wall from the houses to reach up to some wooden scaffolding.
  6. Go to the left to find a lockbox, which is opened with a simple key and contains the hideout key.

Salt and Boli: Where to use the hideout key

After receiving the hideout key, Spirit– Fans should make their way to the Craterstone mine in the village of Ashbourne. These mines are just above the cave where the grappling hooks were found and players will encounter a bright door after traveling to the right for a short time. This door can be opened after the defeat of three notable mazes, and this is the path that fans should use when they are able to enter the Stonehall dungeon:

  1. Go down the stairs to the right of the room.
  2. Continue down this path until it is no longer possible to do so.
  3. Go left to reach a door that can be opened with the hideout key

Salt and sacrifice Available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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