Wolfenstein 3D Mod reimagines all characters as retired

Wolfenstein 3D is 30 years old now, part of the retro environment that started the FPS genre, but a modder wonders what it would look like in a later setting.

In the early days of the first-person shooter genre, there were Wolfenstein 3D, Doomand Earthquake, all made by the same studio. With id Software about to begin its next project, fans will no doubt be wondering what’s next from the longtime developer. As one of the progenitors of the early days of FPS games, the 1992 release of the Nazi shooter action title helped set the standard for future releases. The game itself is quite old at this point, and one modder wondered what the game world would look like years after the end of Wolfenstein 3D.


Uploading the file to ModDB recently, user OKducky created the so-called “Oldfartenstein 3D”, a somewhat offensive add-on for Wolfenstein 3D which takes place several decades after the events of id’s classic game. Set in 1973, about three decades after the original game takes place during World War II, the mod imagines an aging BJ Blazkowicz encountering his former enemies in a nursing home and having to face them all over again.

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OKducky describes this as the answer to the question where did all these people go. The images on the mod page show a gray, bald BJ roaming the aforementioned nursing home, shooting hordes of now-retired enemies. It features ten new maps, complete with new graphics, sounds and music, as well as some gameplay tweaks. The creator said they made it to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3Da game that originally came out on May 5, 1992.

In addition to the id Software game being three decades old, there was also the multiplayer entry Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which became free on Steam recently. At 20, there is evidently still some love left for the more retro entries in the series. While there are still games being released, the latest is the somewhat lackluster VR game of 2019 Wolfenstein: Cyber ​​Pilotthere will always be a lot of community love for older versions, especially Wolfenstein 3D.

preying on the likes of Doom, who took the idea further and popularized it more, Wolfenstein 3D is a game that helped to create the FPS genre. Not surprisingly, it continues to be talked about these days. OKducky’s mod is yet another example of how people will always return to the classics, giving them a new lease of life and imagining new scenarios for the likes of BJ Blazkowicz.

Wolfenstein 3D released in 1992 for PC and has been ported to multiple platforms.

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