Wordle 326 Answer for May 11, 2022

Wordle Word of the Day is another challenging five-letter word for word puzzle fans trying to figure out.

Wordle A viral word puzzle game currently owned by the New York Times. This popular word puzzle is everywhere, filling Twitter and other social media sites with those little green, yellow and gray blocks. But even if he is the vice president of the United States, he is a perfect man Wordle Scores and James songs play it too, that doesn’t mean everyone is there. So players need me to learn how to play or some hint to get through the puzzle, here’s some help.

How to play Wordle

A quick note: there are lots of copycats and clones, e.g. Wordle Clone Dogsdle It’s about guessing the dog breed, but the real thing is owned by NYT. Other sites may have slightly different rules and may have different answers. Everything in this article will be about the New York Times Game Edition.

Gamer video of the day

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First go to the site and type in a great start Wordle The word Wordle There are some rules of the day though:

  • Wordle The words are all five characters long.
  • These are the original English words.
  • Censored some words from the New York Times WordleRemove the most offensive words and non-American spellings of words.
  • Characters like CHEER can be duplicated.
  • Wordle Answers are almost never plural, but plural words can be used as conjectures.

Type a starting word on the site and press Enter. Characters will change color to indicate the player’s actual answer.

  • Green – right
  • Gray – Wrong
  • Yellow – The letter is correct but in the wrong place

Players have a total of six attempts to get answers. Every day the puzzle is reset at midnight local time, giving players only one Wordle A day puzzle. Perhaps this is why so many copycats and clones have become so prevalent.

Indications for Wordle 326 for May 11, 2022

Here are some hints for the word of the day Wordle 326

  • Today Wordle The word means something fake or staged.
  • It has a C in it.
  • It has an FO.
  • It has two vowels and one of them is e.
  • Today Wordle There are no duplicate letters in the word.

Answer to Wordle 326 for May 11, 2022

I want the full answer Wordle Puzzle for May 11? Check out the image below for the spoiler.

The answer Wordle Puzzle 326 is FARCE.

Wordle Available for any browser.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit


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