All Mokoko Seed locations on Monte Island in Lost Ark

In the lost ark, Monte Island A Adventure Island That you can only access at certain times of the day. You can find the island The sea of ​​heaven Within the continent Sushire And Fayton. On this island, you can find a total of four Mokoko seeds.

When discovered, these seeds are dark green in color but then a bright yellow / green bright. See where you can find four Mokoko seeds on Monte Island below.

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When you arrive on the island, you will be immediately requested with Adventure Quest. For this quest you need to open the books which will be displayed randomly around the island for points. Once this search is complete it will be easier to search for seeds so that you can capitalize on the maximum book opening.

Once this is done, you can find four Mokoko seeds in the featured locations below. Don’t be fooled, there are two seeds right next to each other at the very top of the map. They are so close together that it looks like a single seed on a map

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Once you discover these seeds, you’ll be close to finding all the 49 mococo seeds here. North Prussian Sea.

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