Arkane’s brilliant immersive simulator Prey is free for the week on the Epic Store

The Epic Games Store has been distributing games for a few years now, and to be blunt, it’s gotten a little mundane. But it still throws some real punches every now and then, and today is one of those days: Prey, the absolutely fantastic sci-fi shooter from 2017’s Arkane, is free to be taken, all week long.

I might be biased here, because I liked Prey a lot – enough that I probably (no, definitely) flipped the digits in our 79% review – but in my eyes, that’s not to be missed. It’s an excellent blend of action, stealth and powers, in a story that takes some genuinely unexpected twists. All in all, it’s “a compelling and beautiful immersive simulator”, and if you suddenly find yourself with a hole in your gaming schedule – for, you know, whatever the reason – this can be a great way to fill it. .

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