Battle League gameplay trailer details the game’s features, modes and more

A new trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League introduces the game’s new features, showcasing new mechanics, modes, and the Strikers Club online.

Nintendo’s surprise announcement of Mario Strikers: Battle League shocked longtime fans of the franchise when the newest mario football game was confirmed during February’s Nintendo Direct. With the resurgence of mario sports titles on the Wii between Mario Tennis Aces in 2018 and last year Mario Golf: Super RushThe Mario’s Strikers The franchise has been heavily requested by fans with the last game in the franchise being released nearly fifteen years ago. Now, with the newest frenetic football game less than a month away, Nintendo has given fans a rundown of what to expect from the highly anticipated title.


Over the months since Mario Strikers: Battle LeagueNintendo has already teased fans with a lot of details about the game. Battle League will introduce several new features for the Mario’s Strikers franchise, not only adding interchangeable gear for players to customize their builds for their favorite characters, but also new “Hyper Strikes”, allowing players to take shots of finishers to earn more points. Nintendo’s latest reveal gives fans a deep dive into new features and new ways to play Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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An overview trailer released Thursday morning on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel shares a plethora of details about Mario Strikers: Battle League, immersing yourself in the new mechanics and modes introduced in the game. Along with features like equipment and Hyper Strikes, Battle League will introduce “Team Tackles”, allowing players to give their teammates a boost on the field and tackles through opposing players. The trailer also shows off some of the list’s unique Hyper Strike shots with these special moves that score players two points on a successful goal.

The second half of the trailer details the many ways players will be able to play Mario Strikers: Battle League. Alongside the standard single-player matches, the game will support up to eight players in their local matches. Online matches will be available for solo players, as well as allowing two players to team up in online lobbies. Battle League also features the online “Strikers Club” league with up to 20 players who can form and join a club, competing in ranked seasons online as a club or solo. Club owners will also be able to customize team kits and stadiums.

Along with the upcoming release of Mario Strikers: Battle League, recent years have seen the resurgence of many of Nintendo’s most iconic sports franchises. Last month saw the launch of the highly anticipated Wii Sports successor Nintendo Switch Sportsand Mario Golf: Super Rush was the first Mario Golf game to receive a home console release since the GameCube Mario Golf: Tour Toadstool. With Mario’s Strikers ending its 15-year hiatus and Nintendo Switch Sports revitalizing an iconic franchise, the future of Nintendo’s sports games looks bright.

Mario Strikers: Battle League will be released on June 10 for Nintendo Switch.

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