Best Vagabond Build in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game full of possibilities. No two characters are alike, even in their gear and statistics. No, it is up to the players to truly define their character. However, for those traveling the Vagabond route, we find that it is fairly difficult to keep this build at the top.

What is the best vagabond build in the Elden Ring?


Players typically find themselves between Level 175 and the early 200’s when they first beat the Alden Ring. This is due to the resources available to the side content. As such, this stat allocates a level for 200 characters. Strength, endurance and strength are going to be your three biggest stats. You can hit hard, take an injury, and don’t suffer weight fines.

  • Vitality: 60
  • Mind: 20
  • Tolerance: 50
  • Power: 70
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Intelligence: 20
  • Faith: 20
  • Arkan: 19

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Armor makes Alden stigmatized in the ring. The bull-goat set is the heaviest, providing maximum politeness and physical defense in the game. Fortunately, Great-Tsar’s Arsenal carry the maximum weight of a player. Throwing in the Ash of War quickstep will help players to do maximum damage on fast legs and in the face of the enemy.

  • Armor: Hoslow’s set
  • Armor: Bull-goat set
  • Amulet: Arsenal of the Great Tsar
  • Skills: Ash of War Quickstep


Big, otherwise heavy, ridiculous-looking weapons have to go here. Two-handed behemoths like Starscourge Greatsword, Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword and Great Ax are causing you the most damage.

  • Starscourge Greatsword
  • Scalesword of magma worm
  • Ax
  • Huge sword
  • Heavy weapons
  • Great ax

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