Dislyte Codes (May 2022) – Free Gold, Nexus Crystals, & Gold Records

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If you’re a fan of mythology and turn-based warfare, turn your eyes to light. This is the title of the mobile tree of Lilith Games which is full of content. There are various game modes to explore, content to unlock and of course, characters to level up. But you can earn this content using code.

Dislyte’s codes will give you different rewards, so keep an eye on them They will also have an expiration date, so you need to use the codes before they expire. We’ve compiled a list of available codes so you can quickly earn gold, crystals and new characters in Dislight. If a code expires, please let us know so we can remove it!

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List all Dislyte codes

List of all dislight codes (working)

  • Join Dislightβ€”X1 Gold Record, x100 Nexus Crystal
  • Joxlight,00010,000 Gold, 10 Nexus Crystals (may not work if you redeem JoinDislyte code)
  • Lingbigyong00100,000 Gold, 50 Nexus Crystals, 5 Basic Divine Wave Opt-Packs
  • StSkiCrimax00100,000 Gold, 1 XP Booster (8H), Stamina Supply Pack

List of all dislight codes (expired)

  • There is no expired Dislyte game code at this time

How to break codes in dislight

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There are two ways to redeem your code in Dislyte. You can do this from the Dislyte website Code redemption You need to verify your account by tab input Account ID. It can be found by clicking on your profile icon in-game. This will be a series of numbers below your profile icon

Another method is to redeem the code in the game. To do this, click on your profile icon. Then, click Settings Tab at the bottom of the screen. Navigate Service Tab, and then click Gift signal. Then you can input your code here and confirm it.

How can you get more Dislyte code?

The best way to get more dislight code is to follow the official Dislight Check out the news page on Twitter or Dislyte website. You can also check this page for updates on our code list.

Why is my dislight code not working?

The developer has control over the dislight codes and determines how long they remain active. Some codes may expire faster than others, and some may not work with others. If a code doesn’t work for you, double-check if there’s a spelling error, the code isn’t active yet, or it’s already expired.

To help resolve this issue, bookmark this page and come back often to see if Dislight has added a new code!

What is Dislyte?

Deslight has a unique setting that combines urban mythology, tree mechanics and a killer soundtrack. You create a squad of Aspers to tackle different challenges, level up your characters, and win in-game rewards. It’s free to play, so you can test it on iPhone or Android.

For more information on Dislyte, how to claim a pre-registration prize in Dislyte, and all the Espers in Dislyte, Ranked – see the list of character levels in the Pro Game Guide.

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