Epic Games Store’s Next Free Game Is a Mystery

The latest teaser for the Epic Games Store’s upcoming free game offering is for a ‘Mystery Game’, leading EGS users to speculate wildly.

Epic Games continued to offer free games for epic game store users week after week, as promised since the launch of the PC game store. Each week, Epic Game Store users log into the store not only to pick up the latest free games, but also to see what’s on offer next. This week, Epic Games had a surprise for EGS users. Instead of the typical teaser image confirming the upcoming game, there is an image of a safe being unlocked and the label “Mystery Game”.


Mystery games aren’t necessarily uncommon for the Epic Games Store’s free game offerings, but they usually don’t come into regularly scheduled weekly deliveries. Instead, they tend to be used for festive or seasonal events or EGS sales. For example, the Christmas 15 Days of Free Games event hides each game until it becomes available, turning free games into gifts for users to unwrap. There’s no apparent occasion to explain EGS’s upcoming mystery game, however.

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Mystery games are often exciting due to their nature, but this mystery game is particularly intriguing. The upcoming mystery game will replace three games that were unlocked on EGS recently. The three games are prey, Jotun Valhalla Editionand Redout Enhanced Edition, making this week particularly high-value. There will be plenty of in-game attention ahead, with EGS users hoping for something even more special than the current week.

There are a variety of reasons why Epic Games decided to make the new game a secret. While EGS users expect it to be an exciting new game, or something bigger than the trio of games released this week, that might not be the case. It could be that Epic still doesn’t know which game will be released next week. It could also mean that Epic doesn’t want next week’s game to face additional scrutiny due to this week’s laden schedule of free games.

Regardless of what the mystery game is, it will arrive next week without delay. Jotun Valhalla Edition, prey, and Redout Enhanced Edition will remain available from now until May 19 at 8 am PT. That’s when the new mystery game will be revealed and can be downloaded.

as with any epic game store free offer, users must keep their expectations healthy. While it can’t be denied that the free EGS games have been incredibly generous, filling users’ libraries with dozens of fun games, they rarely offer major releases. Part of the fun of a mystery game is the surprise.

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