EverQuest players break sacred MMO code by waking 20-year-old dragon

A few weeks ago, over 100 players dove deep into Sleeper’s Tomb, the final dungeon in EverQuest’s 22-year-old Scars of Velious expansion. It’s a brutal and challenging area locked behind a key that requires players to defeat an endgame dragon. It feels like a serious moment, requiring coordination and focus. But this attack was not serious. It was a party at the end of the world as they knew it.

It was the kind of party that saw retired members returning, GMs turning people into illusionary dragons, and a beloved community streamer narrating on Twitch. Soundboards with inside jokes from two years of raiding together had people bursting into laughter. The strongest guild on the server, Seal Team, broke into this tomb to wake up the Sleeper.

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