Fallout 4 Point Lookout Mod is now available

Thanks to its highly modifiable and customizable nature, Bethesda fallout 4 is still relevant in 2022, as is the rest of the studio’s original production, such as The Elder Scrolls RPG. As the franchise has fostered a sizable community of modders, gamers still enjoy exciting new content weekly.

While most of fallout 4 mods are reasonably small and contained, some of them go far beyond the scope of some official Bethesda DLC. In fact, a team of modders took responsibility for porting the entirety of the fallout 3Point Lookout DLC by fallout 4and the project appears to have just been launched successfully.


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As Bethesda fans already know, the community’s insistence on porting content from old games to new releases is already a proper tradition, with projects like skyblivion promising to rebuild an old game in the engine of a new one. Most of the time, these projects fail or take a long time to launch, but Fallout 4: Point Lookout it is fully finished, playable and full content according to the modders who worked on it.

This mod is, in fact, a remarkably faithful recreation of the entirety of the Point Viewpointfeaturing the main questline and all side quests, all NPCs and pretty much all other content that came out as part of the fallout 3, recreated with great fidelity. The only adaptations to the narrative are related to the fact that there is a different protagonist this time around, and modders also had to nod to the fact that 10 years pass between fallout 3 and 4.

The Point Lookout porting project appears to be effectively finished and fully playable. This is great news for fans of the franchise, of course, but it’s also worth noting that this project is related to the fallout 4 Mojave Project mod, which is trying to translate significant chunks of New Vegas for the latest iteration of the franchise. The modder team is working under the unified umbrella of “Capital Wasteland”, with the implication that there may be more of these ports in the future.

Although Bethesda already has plans to fallout 5​​​​​​, the game is unlikely to be released anytime soon. Both starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 must leave before the next Fall game gets its time in the spotlight. But with such a comprehensive and dedicated mod community, fans shouldn’t be too concerned about the game’s staying power.

fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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