Genshin Impact: Sacrificial Offering Quest Walkthrough

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With little direction and silent ghosts standing around, players may get a little lost in how to complete the Sacrificial Offer Quest within the Genshin Impact. The search involved ghosts, fox statues and an abandoned temple. It’s all fairly simple, just not straight.

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Investigate abandoned temples and mysterious shadows

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After the search for the sacrifice begins, the players must go to the abandoned temple Between Mount Yogou and Chinzhou forests. A common area will be provided for players to explore, but the temple will be found at the Middle East end of this highlighted area. Once the players reach the shrine, they should be able to Find a mysterious shadow standing in front of the main temple.

Players will be needed Talk to this ghost to move them in front of the fox statue. Turn around and go to the ghost Left area away from the path. Talk to her about standing in front of another fox statue. Once in front of one of them, Don’t talk to them again Or it will reset their position.

Go back to the path and take it down from the main temple Reach the ghost at the bottom of the steps. After talking to him, he will also go to a fox statue. Players can find the next one On the roof of the main temple Last to talk to The ghost is standing under a tree Away from the main shrine, next to a bunch of fox statues. This will give birth to the original item and three fine breasts.

Once this is done, players will be needed Go to the temple at the top of Mount Yugu. Here the players can Contact the lady There and he will provide players with an interactive item to figure out what happened. Players will then be needed Use the item to further investigate abandoned temples.

Visiting an abandoned temple with a memento lens

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Back in the abandoned temple, players will need Equip memento lenses From the Gadget menu Blue bright little fox figurines use it all. When scanning these, players do not have to complete them in any particular order. All five should relate to where each woman stood before.

After that, Contact with large fox statues, Where the second talking woman was standing. Players will be needed Answer the three questions given by the idol correctly. These answers will relate to what the players have seen with the Memento lens.

Answer one: “In the name of the messenger of Narukami.”

Answer two: “And the Hakushin bloodline.”

Answer three: “Bring fried tofu!”

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Break the barrier

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Later, Occupy the ward from the shrine And head On the west bank of a small nearby lake. Players will be needed Enter the cave Here Discover obstacles They must be destroyed. To start this prayer puzzle, players will need Clean the lightless lantern In front of the gate with the ward.

To finish the puzzle, players will need Lantern label. It’s fairly simple. This one A couple in the middle of the gateAll The rest should be labeled as a three. The front lantern can’t be changed, so don’t worry about it.

After completing this puzzle, players will start on one Fight with mysterious samurai. He will be the final boss here. Defeat him to complete the quest And go to the third part of Questline.

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