How to Farm Crystal Cave Moss

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  • Where to find Crystal Cave Moss in Alden Ring
  • Where to farm Crystal Cave Moss in Alden Ring

Alden Ring Spiritual successor of FromSoftware Dark Souls Continues the tradition of series and deadly boss, limited items and drop-in multiplayer. However, one Alden RingThe biggest change in the classic Dark Souls The formula is a significant expansion of its craft and item system. Players can collect materials to make all kinds of tools for themselves at Lands Between, including life-saving bowls.

Bolus is a range of consumables that protect players Alden RingIts worst case effect. There are seven bowls in total, and three strong ones all use Crystal Cave Moss as a crafting element. These are preservation, clarification, and revitalized bolus, which cures scarlet rot, madness, and death blight, respectively. There are many territories and enemies in the land that constantly threaten the effects of these deadly conditions, and players may have to cultivate crystal cave moss to create enough bolas.

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Where to find Crystal Cave Moss in Alden Ring

As players might expect from the name, Crystal Cave Moss is primarily found in caves. In particular, they are often found in caves with some magical effects. There are five proposed caves for finding abundant crystal cave moss, two in Lake Lurinia, two in Caledon and one on the Altas Plateau:

  • Academy Crystal Cave – Lake Liurnia
  • Stable Water Cave – Lake Liurnia
  • Dragon Barrow Cave – Calid
  • Celia Highway – Calid
  • Sage’s Cave – Altas Plateau

Crystal Cave Moss regenerates whenever a player dies or rests Alden RingSite of Grace. This will make algae easier to cultivate, but unfortunately, enemies also regenerate into these triggers. While high-level players should have little trouble re-cutting previous caves, there is no need to fight for the best place to cultivate Crystal Cave Moss.

Where to farm Crystal Cave Moss in Alden Ring

To unlock this farming method, players must reach out Alden RingOf the Kalid region. This scarlet-rot-infested land is best explored in the middle of the game and contains several important landmarks, such as the Church of the Plague.

As you proceed north from the Church of Sight of Grace to the hills, players will find a great title protected by the magic of war. Behind the headstone is an enchanted wall of cliffs, leading to Celia Highway Catacombs.

Sellia Hideaway Catacomb’s Site of Grace contains a Crystal Cave Moss deposit within a few steps, meaning players can simply collect, rest and repeat it. Although this method is not the most exciting thing to do Alden RingThis will allow players to cultivate large quantities of Crystal Cave Moss with very little effort.

Alden Ring Out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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