How to fill out reports in The Sims 4

Business careers like The Sims 4’s other careers can be mostly straightforward. One problem you may have is that a task task does not tell you how to complete it. If this is the case with your fill-out reports, see our step-by-step instructions below.

How to fill out reports in The Sims 4

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Filling out reports on The Sims 4 is quite simple and straightforward. You need to make sure you have a computer at home, although you can sometimes use a library computer if you do not have the money.

  • Go to a computer and click on it. Injury More options … Until you see The web.
  • Click on the web and then choose Fill out the report. It will have a briefcase icon next to it.
  • Just wait for it to finish on your SIM computer. Injury At the bottom of the Carriers tab (Briefcase) screen If you are not sure, check to see if they have complied with the reports.

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What is The Sims 4 Report?

The reports in the game aren’t really real, so don’t worry you’re missing something. These are not literal resources like the children’s homework on The Sims 4. Instead, it is a miscellaneous computer task to complete as part of their daily job search for your SIM. Doing so will increase work performance and promote your Sims faster.

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