How to get and use Sign-in Slip in Tears of Themis

The Tears of Themis Daily sign-in calendar rewards players who log in to the game every day with amazing resources including S-Chips and other premium currencies. Dedicated players can also make a score Additional monthly rewards 200 S-Chips To not miss a day on the calendar. But when it comes to life, don’t worry you can still fill out missed logins with a sign-in slip!

How to use the sign-in slip in the tears of Themis

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A sign-in slip can be used anytime you forget to log in to the game. To use it, head Daily sign in Its section Event menu. If you miss a number of logins, you’ll find one Additional sign-in Button on the right side of the screen. Clicking on it will delete a missed day in exchange for a sign-in slip.

The reward for exchanging a sign-in slip is always 3,000 Stalin, no matter which prize you miss.

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How to get a sign-in slip in tears of Themis

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

The only way to get a sign-in slip is to complete weekly tasks until you reach the weekly activity of 150 and 170. They will reward you with the following:

  • Weekly Activities 150โ€”X50 S-chip, x1 sign-in slip
  • Weekly Activities 170โ€”X1 sign-in slip

This must be the prize Manually claimed From the task menu, and they reset every Monday along with the weekly reset of the game. Weekly activation Does not carry next weekSo if you fail to claim the reward on time then you have to start again.

Considering how you can get a maximum of eight sign-in slips per month (two in a week), do not miss any more log-ins as you will not be able to fill them unless Tears of Themis sign-in slip is more accessible in the future.

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