How to plant saplings at bomb crater clusters in Fortnite

The current clash between the Seven and Imagined Orders has left a huge hole on Fortnite Island. To restore some of the view on the island, you need to plant a few saplings in place of this hole. Although there are many holes on the island, there are only three places where you can plant seedlings.

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Where to plant seedlings in the bomb crater cluster of Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, there is Three Location where you can plant these seedlings. These positions are as follows:

  • The answer to the Daily Bugle
  • Southwest of Greek Grove
  • West of Jones
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Here’s a map that will help you pinpoint these exact locations on the Fortnite map. Once you reach these locations, all you have to do is interact with the outline of the plants in these craters as you normally would with any other object on Fortnite Island and you should be able to complete this challenge. That said, if you can handle this challenge successfully, you will not only help restore some ecological balance to the island, but you will also be able to finish a challenge. Good luck, Looper!

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