How to transfer Clash of Clans data from Android to iOS/iPhone

When players change their phones, due to a breakdown or just want an update, losing time during all those mobile games can be frustrating. Fortunately, in Clash of Clans, players can move their village from one phone to another very quickly. It doesn’t matter what brand of phone the players had before!

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This is why the whole process is so smooth Supersell ID. Players of all brands and platforms will receive an ID for their Clash of Clans account. For this reason, players can simply link their account with their old one on their new phone and restore everything to the new one.

To do this, when players load the game on their new device, they get a prompt asking if they want to load their gram. It will also warn that it will be lost if the player does not load it. If the player gets this prompt, they can simply do it Press the load button To highlight their real game.

How to find an old account in Clash of Clans

Players who do not receive this prompt can open the game and connect in two main ways. For Android players, Click on the settings icon And Select Google Play sign-in Options in the bottom right corner. It should be linked to an old account created through the Google Play Store. However, players have an option if they do not use Android or do not have access to their old Google Play Store account.

For these players, head back Settings section And look down too. Here you will find players Supersell ID section. If not already connected, an option will appear on the right Connect with an old Supersell ID.

From here, it will take players to a login page. It will require an email and password like most logins Once the player is logged in, the app will automatically load in the player’s village. Unfortunately, players will not be able to back up if they have not already registered for Supersell ID or have an old Google Play account.

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