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Risk of rain 2 One of the most exciting villain-like games to come out in the last decade. Risk of rain 2 There’s a huge variety of weapons, game styles, enemies, and its advancement systems are the envy of other games of the genre generated randomly – also, it’s an upgrade in every way from its predecessor.

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Even experienced players haven’t tried every combo in the game, and some are out of the way a bit more than others. Sometimes it is difficult to find rare items, and at other times it is difficult to find a good number of stacks on items that benefit from stacking. However, if you don’t get run with this one Risk of rain 2 By creating, you will feel irresistible.

Updated May 11, 2022 by Eric Petrovich: One of the most important factors to consider when creating one of these risks of Rain 2 is how they affect the play style of each survivor. The way each character works can be greatly influenced by the player’s choice of Risk of Rain 2 build – for example, taking a razorware or soldier’s syringe means being in the middle of a fight more often, so it’s important to keep a close eye on health. Items must be unlocked in a special way, so knowing how to unlock them in the first place is just as important as knowing exactly how to use them.

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7 Huntress + Harvester Skyth and Eucalyptus

  • Harvester’s Skyth: 5 percent critical chance, 12 heals the player on critical hits for health. Only healing is stackable, not critical chance.
  • Eucalyptus: Injuries have a 25 percent chance of generating chain lightning, which causes 80 percent damage to nearby enemies. Increase stack range and number of targets.

One of the most exciting survivors to play Risk of rain 2 Is the hunter. He is great at controlling enemy movements, stopping attacks and dealing damage to many enemies at once. Where he fails, though, is the overall loss output compared to the other survivors of the game.

This Risk of rain 2 The build is more focused on tackling class weaknesses than creating something broken. Look for Harvester’s Skyth, which increases the chances of a critical strike, and Ukulele, which has the opportunity to create chain thunderstorms between several enemies based on distance and the number of Ukulele currently stacked.


When playing as a huntress, it is important for the survivor to keep an eye on any items that increase DPS. Although the huntress is great at dodging and thus one of the most maneuverable choices, it is a difficult time to bring down single targets like her bosses. Keep an eye on both the harvester’s skyith and the eucalyptus as they are both stacked (although the harvester’s skyith only stacks the healing received, not the critical chance). After getting enough, you can divert your attention from weak waves of enemies and to strong single enemies.

6 Stack razorware on any character

  • Razor wire: Nearly five target razors are hit for 160 percent damage when the player hits. Stack hits and increases range of enemies.

Razorware is one of the most powerful and easily broken items Risk of rain 2, So much so that it adjusts to each character no matter what – especially when players get a few stacks of them. When the player is damaged the item automatically shoots five enemies at a 25-meter radius, increasing the number and range of enemies for each stack.

This is an item that combines well with two more drops in particular: Harvester Skyth and Hellfire Tincture. The Harvester Skyth gives a huge boost to the chances of a critical strike, and with each critical hit the player recovers a small amount – the damage is suddenly healed, with enough credit. Hellfire Tincture damages one percent of the player’s health five times per second, while enemies harm five percent of the user’s health five times per second. The loss of the player then triggers the razorware, effectively doubling the loss of revenge.


Razorware-stacking build is not one of the best Risk of rain 2 Builds, Because it only works for damage, which you should generally avoid. However, its ridiculously strong revenge losses on high stacks are hard to pass. As much as a build is entirely dedicated to the loss of dedicated revenge, so be sure to keep an eye on your health and be able to manage it while taking lots of hits at once.

5 Mercenary + soldier’s syringe

  • Soldier’s Syringe: Attack speed increases by 15 percent, which stacks up completely with each lift. If one has five of these, it is a 75 percent increase.

Soldier’s syringe is a common item that increases a player’s attack speed by 15 percent. This may seem uncomfortable, but the possibility of more consistent proxies related to hits is a game changer. When it comes down to it Risk of rain By build, it is less complex but it is still good when it comes to high stacks.

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Avoiding attacks and returning to combat quickly is the main weapon in mercenary arsenals, and having a few piles of soldier’s syringes quickly turns this character into an irresistible sword-wielding threat, especially when paired with attack-based items.


The Mercenary is a fighting character Risk of rain 2Players will have to face, which makes them very open to stop the attack from swarms of enemies. To make full use of this build, players must plan to attack continuously, as you sacrifice damage-enhancing pickups for increased firing speed. Look for pickups that allow your health to stay in the fight longer and if you find yourself overwhelmed don’t be afraid to go back to recovery.

4 Kjaro’s Band + Runald’s Band

  • Cazaro Band: A Flame tornado handles 300 percent of the enemy’s damage after dealing with 400 percent of the enemy’s damage.
  • Runald’s Band: The speed of the enemy’s movement decreases by 80 percent for three seconds, while when the player does 400 percent damage to the enemy, the damage is 250 percent.

This Risk of rain 2 Build feature Kjaro’s Band and Runald’s Band, two special items are only found and unlocked Abandoned reservoir; However, their abilities are worth a whirl. This is considered to be quite an OP combination in base game because they destroy enemies quickly at the same time and with little effort towards the end of the player.

Kjaro’s Band AOE deals with a huge wave of damage when attacks connect with more than 400 percent damage, while Runald’s Band slows the enemy down 80 percent for a few seconds then handles massive damage after an attack that causes more than 400 percent damage.

How to unlock Kjaro’s and Runald’s Band at the risk of rain 2

Find what looks like a large hole in a hill with a gate in the desert hills of an abandoned reservoir area. There are two pressure plates on the map that players must find, and they and someone else must set foot on them at the same time to open a secret area. It can take a while to find both, so try this only if you have a strong build that can catch up quickly. Go to the secret area, and you’ll unlock Kjaro’s band and Runald’s band for future runs.

3 Any Range Survivor + Paul’s Goat Hoof

  • Paul’s goat hoof: Simply increase the speed of movement by 14 percent, which is double for each stack equipped.

Paul’s goat’s hooves are one of the best speed-based items Risk of rain 2, And players will see it in their runs. As a range character, though, you should try to choose as many of these as possible Paul’s goat’s hooves are a good overall item for any build, but the more stacks someone has as a range, the more tactful (and more deadly) they will be.

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A strict 14 percent speed boost is fine, but a 140 percent speed boost is incomparable with 10 of these. Walking around at the speed of light must become more fun Risk of rain 2 Creates, but at such speeds it can be difficult to control your character precisely.


Getting into a good range of space and gaining the ability to move on to the next wave is beyond the scope of a broader attack against you. Speed ​​is the name of the game, especially for Range Survivors, because no one can spend too much time in the middle of a fight. Before you increase your speed to the best of your ability, stay away from fights and deal with as much damage as possible to survive. After raising Paul’s goat’s hooves enough, you can move away from the wide space and start dancing around your targets instead.

  • Alien Head: Reduces 25 percent or one-fourth less time in almost everything in the game

Alien Head In Risk of rain 2 A legendary item that declines All 25 percent cooldown for the player. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Extensively spelled casting speeds for Artifiser create a strong survival that is difficult to unleash.

Artificas are a wide range of spell masters, but their best ability is in the long cooldown. This item makes the class ridiculously strong with only one embellishment and can flat-out the artisan when paired with other speed-boosting items like soldier syringes and extra clips.


It is not advisable to stack these, as it provides extremely low returns with only two stacks – 25 percent reduction to only 30 percent. It’s a bit to find a less common item but you can almost always get one at a playthrough one at a time. Getting one of these is really as easy as continuing the normal game as an artisan.

1 MUL-T + Prion Accumulator + Fuel Cell

  • Prion Accumulator: Zap enemies within 35 meters for 600 percent damage, 4,000 percent damage if an enemy touches the player.

MUL-T is a bot character Risk of rain 2 Most of which have combinations with different items than most. The Preon Accumulator zaps enemies within 35 meters for 600 percent of player losses per second. If an enemy touches a player, they immediately explode for up to 4000 percent of the damage.

The MUL-T is a natural choice for this item as it has the ability to hold two pieces of equipment at once, which makes long cooldown times more manageable through a temporary replacement. The fuel cell further reduces the heavy cooldown of the item and MUL-T players with Prion accumulators should find these as much as possible.


Be sure to equip comboable items with MUL-T in both slots. This Risk of rain 2 Construction Combines well with other similar processing items, such as razorware, which removes razors in case of player damage. Because it only triggers when enemies touch you, keep an eye on your health and duck in and out of combat instead of facing every enemy.

Risk of rain 2 Available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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