Optimus Prime is getting a Lego set and will be released next month

Lego is great at keeping secrets. The latest surprise for Lego is sets based on the Transformers license, and it’s happening soon. Next month, we can run to our favorite Lego vendor to pick up an Optimus Prime Lego set. We still don’t know what it looks like, how many pieces are in the box, or how much it will cost, but it’s OPTIMUS PRIME! None of that matters. This will likely be an obvious purchase for Transformers fans. Here’s the official Lego teaser announcement:

Lego is starting the Transformers reign at Lego the right way: with the leader of the Autobots. If this product flies off the shelves (which it likely will), I’d love to see more Transformers get the brick treatment. Megatron would likely be the second set, and what comes next is anyone’s guess. Grimlock, Bumblebee, Soundwave and Starscream are a handful of characters that probably wouldn’t be far away.

I suppose the brilliant minds at Lego figured out how to use every piece in the box for two transformations: the robot form and the vehicle. Some Lego sets that already exist use the same pieces for three different builds (which means we can get some triple changers!)

What do you think of Transformers going from building Kre-O bricks to Lego? What characters or action sets would you like to see next?

I am an avid collector and builder of Lego. The only thing that can freak me out about this set is if it’s based on the Transformers movies. Hopefully Lego will go with a Generation 1 design that debuted in the 1980s cartoon.

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