Sea of ​​Thieves fans want hatchets added to the game

Sea of ​​Thieves fans are anticipating that new weapons will be added to the Rare Studios game, and some are hoping that axes will be included in the future.

Rare Studios has progressively offered more tools in the sea ​​of ​​thieves arsenal as more seasons continue to be added to the live service title, but some fans want to see even more weapons. One sea ​​of ​​thieves The player recently expressed his idea of ​​adding axes to the game, and others have come up with ideas of their own inspired by his concept.

Reddit user Luke-HW created several ax models in the same art style as sea ​​of ​​thieves alongside a statement that they would like to see the item added as a weapon in some way. The current weapons that sea ​​of ​​thieves Players can choose to equip the Cutlass, Flintlock, Blunderbuss, and Eye of Reach, along with recent additions like the Trident of Dark Tides. With Rare Studios adding more ways to sea ​​of ​​thieves players to sink other ships such as Firebombs, Chainshot and special items such as the Anchorball, several players expressed their enthusiasm with more weapons being added to go along with it.


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Luke-HW’s post includes three axes that look remarkably different from each other, with one looking aged with a natural wood look and a black top and another looking more modern with a blue handle and ribbon along the hilt. The middle hatchet is red and has a sharp point that normally acts as a counterweight on the side opposite the wood cutting wedge. In addition to the three axes proposed by Luke-HW, some sea ​​of ​​thieves fans have suggested other axes, such as a two-handed axe, an approach ax that allows players to remove wood from enemy boats, and throwing axes that would deal greater ranged damage.

Several fans pointed out that axes would be a useful addition to the game in addition to having another weapon to fight enemies in. sea ​​of ​​thieves, as there are numerous trees scattered throughout the game’s islands. if added to sea ​​of ​​thieves, these axes can be used to chop down trees to obtain wood, which can then be used to repair ships, making it an effective tool rather than just another item to attack. While other games that have trees and offer wood as a resource allow players to cut down trees, sea ​​of ​​thieves has not yet allowed players to do the same.

Some additional weapons proposed in Luke-HW’s Reddit post include a spear, stringed bow, bomb slingshot, muskets, other types of swords, and mallets or hammers. While sea ​​of ​​thieves offers a number of cosmetics for each existing weapon, the game lacks a wide variety of weapons for players to choose from in their adventure across the seven seas. Rare Studios continues to update sea ​​of ​​thieves and it recently had a major anniversary update, so new items, weapons, and more may be added in a future content drop, and the developer may consider suggestions like Luke-HW’s ax idea.

sea ​​of ​​thieves is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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