Stellaris: Overlord Introduces My New Favorite Species Origin

The corner of the galaxy where my species nests is nice and quiet—peaceful yet busy. All the species that call this slice of the galactic pizza Stellaris are sprouts, working together for the glory of the Holy Fafossan Empire, which dominates the region. Sure, there have probably been some nasty subjugation attacks in the past, but now we’re all friends. We don’t have much choice, to be fair.

Imperial Fiefdom is one of five new species origins you can choose from in Stellaris: Overlord, giving your custom empire even more flavor, useful benefits, and unique obstacles. While the Scion’s pre-existing origin also begins as a vassal, there is a significant difference between being the sole vassal of a Fallen Empire and being part of a large and diverse empire.

(Image credit: Paradox)

This particular origin is a showcase for the new vassal mechanic, which Paradox conjured up to make both sides, vassal and ruler, more engaging, with more benefits for both parties, and more ways to interact with their ruler or subject empire. It seems to have worked.

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