The new immersive view of Google Maps will allow you to fly, in a drone line, through cities

If you’ve spent hours exploring strange places on Google Maps – and loved every moment – Google’s new Immersive View can be an exciting prospect. Announced today at the company’s I/O conference, Immersive View will essentially allow you to fly, like a drone, through supported cities, visiting famous landmarks, exploring the inside of some buildings, and no doubt sharing valuable marketing data as you go. along the way.

Google hasn’t shown it in much detail yet, but based on the gifs already shared, it looks like a video game. Think Cities: Skylines, or Civilization 6. In the example demonstrated during the I/O conference, London’s Big Ben is shown. You can tour Westminster Abbey and cycle through information including peak trading times, how busy the traffic will be and what the weather forecast is. When you’re done hovering, you can go down to street level to explore on foot, and in a twist, the Immersive View also simulates the weather. Check it out in the video above (starts at 1:21):

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