This 29-year-old professional football manager trained on Football Manager

William Still is the assistant coach of one of the great French teams, Stade de Reims, before which he was the coach of Belgian teams Lierse and Beerschot. All of this is remarkable given that he is 29 years old, which for a professional football manager is extremely young.

Still has had an interesting route through football, and Sportsbible recently posted a profile on how he went from coaching Preston’s under-14 team to taking on Lionel Messi on his PSG debut. He still ended up choosing to focus on coaching his own gaming ambitions (he also played professionally when he was younger), but one of the things he credits for his fascination with that side of the game is the many hours spent in football management games with his older brother. Edward. Edward Still, by the way, is himself the coach of Sporting Charleroi, from Belgium.

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