This Destiny Attack Boss Body Pillow is here to give you comfort in the dark

Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness, is Destiny’s last raid boss, son of Rhelik and Vrhuna, last of the Lubrae Wanderers, master of the Glaive, subjugator of the Worm Gods, and, as we’ve recently discovered, a handsome fit for a body pillow. Artist and Destiny fan Leigh it certainly felt that way, and seeing the shy pose and flexible legs kicking guardians into their artwork, it’s hard to disagree.

Leigh has been drawing Destiny 2 fan art since the game’s launch, and the story of Rhulk dakimakuraStarting the company is relatively simple. Inspired by a friend’s effort to create a body pillow featuring Destiny’s Crow – a troublesome former villain and cheaper than Rhulk in heartthrob terms – Leigh immediately felt that a similar treatment for the Witch Queen’s raid boss would be a big bit.

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