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Gearbox Software regularly releases new updates for Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, focusing primarily on fixing bugs and making balance changes. Update to Tiny Tina’s Wonderland was released earlier this month and improved two of the game’s underperforming classes.

The Stabbomancer and Clawbringer classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland were polished in the last patch. Gearbox stated that damage output was lacking in higher levels of Chaos, and the developer is open to regularly making changes to the other classes. This update has also improved several legendary shotguns and the damage scaling of Torgue shotguns. Gearbox Software has now released another update that makes several nerfs and buffs to an essential category of accessories.


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The latest update for Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is now available on all platforms, and Gearbox Software has made a new post detailing the changes. He states that some Ring bonuses were underwhelming compared to the difficulty of activating the effect. Additionally, Gearbox Software wants to encourage users to try other rings, as the Mood Ring or Championship Ring seems to be the default choice. Considering these points, the developer buffed Rings in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland while nerfing Mood Ring, Finger Ward and Championship Ring.

The upgrade reduces the stat bonus gained from attacking a boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland from 100% to 50% when equipping the Ring of Championship. Finger Ward bonuses, triggered when player protection is full, are reduced from 100% to 66%. Mood Ring bonuses, which come into play when the wing is not full, are dramatically reduced from 100% to just 33%. Gearbox has improved the following rings to compensate for these changes: Thumb Cuffs, Silicone Ring, Promise Ring, Insight Ring, and Lethal Catch.

The previous update to Tiny Tina’s Wonderland added a new event that allows players to buy items from SDUs and Vending Machines at half price. The post reconfirms that the event, known as Supreme Savings, will remain active until May 19 at 9 am PT. Players should also note that Chaos Chamber’s Featured Run, which rotates weekly, has been updated to feature Knightmare and Sand Naga Shara, Dust-Begotten.

Update is smaller than last week’s patch but makes significant changes Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. The multi-ring nerfs and buffs will likely be the big talking point until the next major update. Newcomers should note that they can equip two rings in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandand the second slot is unlocked after beating the main story.

The full patch notes for the latest Tiny Tina’s Wonderland update are as follows:

Weekly rotations:

Weekly event! The Supreme Economy in-game, the limited-time mini-event is still active! Vending machines and SDUs are at half price this week, along with Quest Items having a better chance of being the item of the day! This mini-event runs from May 5th to May 19th at 9 am PT.

The Chamber of Chaosin Featured Execution Has been updated! A locally sourced artisan race, handcrafted just for you. Leaderboards have been redefined. Will you top the charts this week?

Featured Races are available in the Chamber of Chaos after you complete the main story and rotate weekly every Thursday at 9am PT. They are the same for all players, so log in and see how your run compared to other Fatemakers!

  • This run features Knightmare and Sand Naga Shara, Dust-Begotten. Get ready to face a new cursed race in the Chamber of Chaos!

Change notes:

  • Added Manual Transmission and Donkey to the Legendary Assault Rifle item sets in Tina’s Offering in the Chamber of Chaos

Ring balance changes:

We found that several Ring the bonuses didn’t match how challenging the trigger condition was. Also, we would like more rings found with great stat rolls to be more interesting to pick up, not rings that are trivially easy to trigger, like Mood Ring or Championship Ring, to be the singular and excellent choice. We are investigating a bug that affects Shell Casing and are looking to resolve this in a future update as it cannot be fixed.

  • Championship Ring – Ring bonus reduced for dealing damage to a Boss from 100% to 50%.
  • Thumb Cuffs – Ring bonus increased in a dungeon from 25% to 33%.
  • Finger Guard – Ring bonus reduced while Guard is full from 100% to 66%.
  • Silicone Ring – Ring bonus increased while Health is above half from 25% to 33%.
  • Mood Ring – Ring bonus reduced while Ward is not full from 100% to 33%.
  • Ring of Promise – Ring bonus increased while action skill ready from 25% to 33%.
  • Insight Ring – Ring bonus increased per critical hit from 2% to 3%.
  • Lethal Capture – Ring on Kill bonus increased from 25% to 33%.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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