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The Traveler, who acts as the player character Genshin effect, Climbs in the same way as other playable characters despite coming from another world. However, they have a special basic stone that is unique to them and not used by anyone else. In addition, they do not use boss drops like every other character.

Although travelers can switch between different elements, they will use the same equipment for climbing no matter what material they are currently equipped with. Read on for all the essentials a traveler needs to climb!

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We usually combine Ascension and Talent upgrade guides in one post, but Traveler’s Talent upgrades are a little more complicated than other playable characters due to having access to multiple elements. For traveler’s talent guide, click here.

Leveling material

Although they are foreign to this world, travelers need the same amount of EXP and Mora to reach 90 levels.

Level XP Mora
1-20 120,175 24,200
20-40 578,325 115,800
40-50 579,100 116,000
50-60 854,125 171,000
60-70 1,195,925 239,200
70-80 1,611,875 322,400
80-90 (maximum) 3,423,125 684,800
Total: 8,362,650 EXP 1,673,400 mora

Like any other character, the EXP books used to flatten the traveler can be used in many combinations, some more efficient than others. This is considered to be one of the most effective combinations:

Item Total
Wanderer’s advice 12
Adventure experience 11
The intelligence of the hero 415

Traveling ascending items

Interestingly, no boss drop is required for the traveler to climb. So far, they are the only characters for whom this happened. Instead, though, they need a unique gemstone that is only used by them.

Level Gems Enemy drops Specialty Mora
20 1x Brilliant Diamond Sliver 3x damaged mask 3x windwheel aster 20,000
40 3x Brilliant Diamond Fragment 15x damaged mask 10x windwheel aster 40,000
50 6x Brilliant Diamond Fragment 12x stained mask 20x windwheel aster 60,000
60 3x bright diamond piece 18x stained mask 30x windwheel aster 80,000
70 6x Bright Diamond Pieces 12x evil masks 45x windwheel aster 100,000
80 6x Bright Diamond Gemstone 24x evil masks 60x windwheel aster 120,000
  • 1x Diamond Sliver
  • 9x Diamond Fragment
  • 9x Diamond Pieces
  • 6x diamond gemstone
  • 18x damaged
  • 30x stain
  • 36x evil
168 420,000

Gemstones – Where to find bright diamonds

Bright diamonds are not found in many sources that reward other basic gemstones, such as boss drops and parametric transformers. Instead, they can only earn by leveraging one’s adventure rank and talking to Katherine in the Adventurers Guild.

Unlike other basic gems, bright diamonds cannot be made with superior qualities. Instead, Katherine will reward the player with the exact number needed to board the Traveler. Here are the numbers earned at each level that reward them:

Adventure Rank Diamonds acquired
AR15 1x sliver
AR25 3x piece
AR26 2x piece
AR28 2x piece
AR30 2x piece
AR35 3x piece
AR38 3x piece
AR40 3x piece
AR41 2x gemstones
AR42 2x gemstones
AR45 2x gemstones

Enemy Drop – Where to find the Hilichurl Mask

Hilicharl is found almost everywhere. However, only certain levels of hilarious can cast a high quality mask.

  • Any layer: Damaged mask
  • Level 40+: Stained mask
  • Level 60+: Evil Mask

Note:: Samachurls, Mitachurls, and Lawachurls all throw off the Hillichurl mask as well.

Local Features – Where to Find Windwheel Asters

Despite not being confined to a specific region, travelers use a regional specialty for climbing: Windwheel Asters, a local specialty in Monstadt.

These pinwheel-like flowers are found around the statues of Mondstadt Seven, especially around the statues of Windrise and Don Winery. A handful of dot dots can also be found around Stormterror’s Lair.

Some extra can be grown or purchased. These require a serenity pot and windwheel aster seeds to grow. Flora, the young lady who runs the flower shop in Mondstad, will also sell them. He stocks five of them for every 1,000 mora and re-stocks every three days.

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