Trying to understand four-dimensional Minecraft broke my brain

Humans are very good at navigating three-dimensional space. After all, that’s how the real world works. But try to add an extra dimension to something as simple as, say, Minecraft, and suddenly things change drastically to confusion.

Confusing, then, is how I would describe 4D Miner. Available as a free demo on Steam, developer Mashpoe’s extradimensional version of Minecraft is a lot for you to understand, even after following a short tutorial that explains the concept of dimensionality through a cute frog.

2D frog in a 3D world

(Image credit: Mashpoe)

The playable tutorial introduces the concept of rotation through dimensions, showing a 2D platformer, with a visualization of how this “slice” of the world is representative of a larger 3D space. Roll the mouse wheel and this slice will rotate, changing the 2D view.

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