All Omni Chips at Coney Crossroads

Fortnite is bringing another batch of Omni Chips to collect players, some of which are popular locations at Coney Crossroads.

Week 8’s FortniteIts current season is officially underway, bringing with it a new challenge for players to deal with. In addition to the regular Fortnite Searching across multiple seasons of the season, a new wave of omni chips has appeared on the island, with a few Connie Crossroads player hotspot locations.

Epic Games’ ever-popular free-to-play Battle Royale title is entering its last few weeks of Chapter 3 Season 2. The eventful season began with a push to temporarily remove his signature building mechanic, including an island-wide regional war. Since then, the imaginary order and The Seven Rugging at various POIs a week. The battlefield is currently housed in the Tilted Tower, just southwest of where players will collect omni chips.

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All omni chips at Connie Crossroads

A site in the recent war against the IO, Coney Crossroads is often the site of frequent heat-competition this season, second only to the infamous Tilted Tower. While none of the omni chips are particularly difficult to find, like last week’s IO Command omni chips, the centrally located POI is bound to be filled by other players.

  • Omni chip 1 – The first omni chip location at Connie Crossroads is in the northeast corner of the area. Go inside the garage next to the gas station, where the chip will wait inside.
  • Omni chip 2 – Players can find the second omni chip at Sofdeez, the pink ice cream shop on the east end of Connie Crossroads. Climb up to the outdoor patio on the second floor of the building to catch the second chip.
  • Omni chip3 – The third and final Connie Crossroads Omni Chip position is second from the other side of the road. Go southwest through the gate to the southwest corner of the building, where the last chip will sit on top of a fountain.

After players manage to collect three omni chips from Connie Crossroads, there is one more chip to find in Shell or High Water. For those who may not know, Shell or High Water is a landmark located just north of the shift shaft. Characterized by the snow-covered hedge labyrinth, players can find a chip in that labyrinth, near the campfire and in nearby houses. More obscure about landing spots than any crossroads, players may be advised to collect these omni chips first, allowing them to properly equip themselves to better handle any threat.

Aside from adding a new wave of omni chips around the island this week, recent updates have also released some long-dormant items. In addition to opening the chappa, FortniteIts v20.30 hotfix brings back trickshot weapons like the Flint-Knock pistol and the Hunting rifle. The hotfix also relaunches the Air Strike item, which fires 20 missiles wherever it is fired, which can make collecting omni chips a little more difficult than usual.

Fortnite Free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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