Apex Legends player accidentally discovers Newcastle Ultimate Counter

After a lot of teasing and revelations over the past few weeks from EA and Respawn Entertainment, Season 13 has finally arrived. Apex Legends. Known as Saviors, this latest season features a lot of new content for players, including an overhauled ranked system that adds tier downgrades, entry cost adjustments, and more. The Storm Point map has also been updated with this release, including a new Point of Interest location, a washed up sea creatures encounter, as well as a new PvE feature called IMC Armories in four locations around the map.


For many, the biggest addition to Apex Legends Season 13 is the newest addition to the cast with Newcastle. Revealed to be Bangalore’s brother, Newcastle is a defender-style character, able to protect his teammates with a movable shield, dragging downed allies to safety, as well as his finishing move called Castle Wall. When activated, Newcastle leaps towards an area or ally, dropping their shield to create a fortified stronghold.

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While it may seem imposing, a Apex Legends The player found a very easy counter for Newcastle’s Ultimate Castle Wall. In a new post on Apex Legends subReddit, a user known as Car0nix tried to use Castle Wall when in a firefight with another squad. When Newcastle jumped in to defend his team, an enemy Horizon used his ultimate Black Hole ability, which not only knocked Newcastle out of its animation, but also prevented the Castle Wall from being built.

Naturally, this left the team completely exposed and at the mercy of the enemy squad that slowly slaughtered each member. Many commentators of Apex Legends post were surprised by this fact, while others commented that with each new Legend added, the coding process for developers likely becomes much more difficult due to considerations that had to be made about how characters’ abilities could interact. One eagle-eyed commentator even suspected that an enemy AI Prowler might also have had an impact with the ending being canceled after crashing into Newcastle and the Black Hole appearing half a second later to completely take down the player completely.

Regardless of what actually happened, Season 13 proved to be popular with fans. not only have Apex Legends continued to be an important source of income for EA, the release of Season 13 broke Apex Legends‘ Player’s previous record on Steam. Breaking the season 12 record, Apex Legends recently peaked at over 410,000 concurrent players with the arrival of Salvadores and Newcastle.

Apex Legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a mobile release coming May 17.

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