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Condemned An action platform game, often referred to as a Metroidvania The style of play, going through a huge maze and fighting horrible monsters to free the world of Sevastodia from a terrible curse that suddenly fell across the land. Many players have chosen this game for its fantastic artwork and fun gameplay.

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Due to the nature of Metroidvania-style games is sometimes rather difficult, many players will definitely need some beginner tips. They want to make sure they are on the right track, so these helpful tidbit bits by their side should prove invaluable.

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7 Go through all the doors

There are many houses and paths for a player to troll inside Condemned. Many of these cells may contain enemies or bosses, but many others may show interesting privacy to players or even pave the way for new and powerful items.

There are no bad aspects to accepting immersion through the world Condemned And one can find a player by crawling through each single door and hidden path. Who knows? A player can even find a rare weapon that they go through the door; If they do not start looking, there is no way to know.

6 Learn time sliding

A player can slide into this game as a way to dodge enemies. While this can be very useful for a player, scheduling these slides is equally important; A player can potentially move away from one enemy and go straight to another.

In the case of sliding, a player wants to learn their time quickly. Learning how to slide is going to be one of the most important tasks for a player to be able to move away from enemies without hurting himself in the process.

5 It’s hard to parry

Just like with sliding inside Condemned, A player can learn how to parry enemy attacks in the game, so that they do absolutely no harm. However, just like – if not – it is harder than learning how to slide.

Learning how to give a player the ability to parry over time is going to be a long and arduous endeavor. There is a lot to learn about how to parry, including trials and errors, so a player should be able to figure it out by the end.

4 Watch out for exploding enemies

In the war Condemned All the fun and games until a player encounters an enemy who can Explosion Whether an explosion occurs after the death of an enemy or an explosion in the middle of a battle, if a player is not careful, it can take a huge part of their health.

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It’s no joke to deal with explosive enemies. A player has to figure out how to stop them Except Injury – Typically, this involves jumping around to explode enemies, or finding their source and destroying it so that no one else can breed. Really, it does nothing but attack the enemies directly.

3 Biliary vessels are important

Basically, gallbladder vessels are the best way to heal a player after a tough battle. Gallbladder containers are basically used as flasks or how to use medicine bottles in other games.

A player can collect many gallbladder vessels and fill them in a certain room, to ensure that they have a cure. Although players will have to pay a fee to fill the vessel for the first time, it will automatically be refilled for free every time a player visits a shrine. Collecting and filling gallbladder vessels as much as possible is not at all harmful.

2 Attack from below

It’s no secret that A lot A player has to fight with enemies Condemned. The place is teeming with them; Fortunately, though, players have come up with a solution to attack many enemies on the ground with little chance of getting hurt.

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A player can actually attack enemies from the bottom, as long as they are on the ground floor. All a player has to do is jump repeatedly and swing upwards, and deal damage to enemies without being able to attack; Even if their AI is stimulated, a player will soon fall to the ground.

1 Increase maximum health for survival

The highest health enhancement of the player is done similarly to filling the gallbladder vessels for healing. However, instead of hunting for ships to fill up for drugs, a player will increase their maximum health by finding a secret chamber on each level; This room will have a large statue with multiple swords.

Once the player finds the statue, a sword from the statue will be given to the player and this will increase their maximum health. A player should remember to explore every room as much as possible to try to find this statue.

Condemned Available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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