Best Controller Espers in Dislyte

If you want to succeed in Dislight, you need to build a strong and balanced team. An important member of any Asper Squad is your controller. Dislight has 12 warriors and all of them are used but some are better than others. We’ve listed all the controllers and their ratings in Dislyte below.

All controllers are ranked in Dislyte

Character Level
Lucas S.
Long Mian S.
Pritzker S.
Celine S.
Tiye A
Sander A
Gene A
Melania A
Tricky B
Jacob B
Xie Yuzhi B
Kylie C

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Which controller should I use in Dislight?

When choosing a controller in Dislight, you will want to go with it in the end S and A level controllers. They are going to be the most powerful and versatile Asper to fulfill this role. However, although these are the best choices, there are other controllers to consider.

Each Esper has unique abilities that can benefit your squad throughout the first, middle and last game. There are also different game modes that require different strategies. Since controllers focus primarily on buffing and rebaffling, you should Rotate the espers Until you find one Strategy That works for you.

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