Best Defender Espers in Dislyte

If you want to succeed in Dislight, you need to build a strong and balanced team. An important member of any Asper squad is your defender. Dislight has six defenders, and all have uses, some better than others. We’ve listed all the defenders and their ratings in Dislyte below.

Ranked all defenders in Dislight

Character Level
Donor S.
Ren C. A
Joser B
Falken B
Lee Aao C
Burden C

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Which Defender should I use in Dislight?

When choosing a defender, you will want to stick to it Donor Or Ren C.. Ren C will probably be more effective because he has a power that attracts attention from enemies. Donner is strong because of his incredible defensive skills, but suffers from his extremely low speed.

For a Early to mid-game Defender, Falken A good choice. His I-of-Horus power can be quite powerful as you allow your allies to counter-attack enemies. But this ability depends on not being able to deal with enemies with purity or immunity; Otherwise, Falken becomes significantly weaker.

There are some situations where a defender will be more useful than a controller, but if you want to run a defender, we recommend sticking with the donor or Rance C. Try both to see which one fits your team best.

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