Best DPS Espers in Dislyte

If you want to succeed in Dislight, you need to build a strong and balanced team. An important member of any Asper Squad is your DPS. Dislight has 27 fighters, and they all have uses, some better than others. We’ve listed all DPS and their ratings in Dislyte below.

Ranked all DPS Espers in Dislyte

Character Level
Lin Xiao S.
Lee Ling S.
Mona S.
Chloe A
Normar A
Tang Yun A
The crow A
Lewis A
Lynn A
Tevor A
Freddie A
Tang Juan A
Drew A
Jiang Man A
Hyde B
Xie Chuyi B
Taylor B
Biodina C
Lu E. C
Jailman C
By Liuli C
Arcana C
Chalmers D
Leon D
Hall D
Laila D
David D

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Which DPS should I use in Dislight?

When selecting a DPS in Dislight, you’ll want to go with it S and A level fightersIn the end Lynn Xiao, Lee Ling, MonaAnd Chloe Great choice for a powerful DPS Asper. Every fighter has different skills, but these are the best ones to use.

Your first ten pulls will reward you with a guaranteed Li Ling or Tang Juan. Although Li Ling is good, Tang Juan Will be a strong fighter and a good DPS for early and middle play. Tang Yun, Raven, and Drew are good DPS Espers until you pull strong.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can use multiple DPS Espers in your squad. We recommend having two fighters in your squad to give you a nice loss output, so that a few low DPS characters can fit together well. There are also different game modes where certain characters perform better, so it’s worth checking out.

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