Best Horror Games to Play for Friday the 13th

Ah, Friday the 13th. The second scariest day of the year. For those who feel a little overwhelmed, we have a list of the best horror titles to enjoy.

The best game for scary nights

Residents are evil villages

Image via Capcom

The Resident Evil franchise, which has arguably offered, the village has won multiple games of the year for a good reason. Follow Ethan Winters in his quest to find his lost daughter in a remote village haunted by monsters.

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Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Does Soulsborne have itching? Then live through the nightmares that are part of its name. The night of the prey is long and the eyes we have been given lead us to witness the cosmic horrors that leave us unharmed.


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Want to get scared with some friends? Strap your EMF and go hunting ghosts in an indie game that gives endless thrills and screams.

Daylight dead

Screenshots via Behavior Interactive

Horror movies are not the only way to survive the fear of being chased by a mad killer. Dead by Daylight contains many popular real killer and classic horror icons that are ready to hunt you and your friends.

Deadly Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Pictures via Koei Tecmo Games Steam

Deadly Frames offers a unique way to watch horror. Follow the three young heroes as they investigate Mount Hikami, a place where many die and use camera obscura to survive a night of terror.

Silent Hill 2

Behavior Image through interactive steam

Although many of the entries in the Silent Hill franchise are tough, it is difficult to surpass Silent Hill 2K. The iconic pyramid head first appeared in this 2001 Survival Horror title. Mix painful fights with psychological thrills and itโ€™s easy to see why itโ€™s a classic.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Image by Tim Salvato

You dating sim fans didn’t think we would leave you, did we? The Doki Doki Literature Club is an experience that is different from any other and is best experienced by going into it blindly. As such, you will not find any spoilers here.


Image through Kitty Horror Show

What makes a house a house? Anatomy argues that a good dose of horror is an integral part of that recipe.

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