BitLife How-to Make the Most Money & Get Rich – Best Ways to Get to 100 Million!

Us Beetlife is how to make the most money The post will guide you through getting rich! If you want to reach that িয়ন 100 million milestone, we have tips and tricks to make it easy. There are several ways you can get rich quick. However, not all methods are great and some are better than others. Here are some tips to help you get rich while making millions on Beatlife:

  • Become a celebrity: Becoming a famous actor, singer, DJ, writer, etc. is one of the best ways to make a lot of money on BitLife right now. In short, there are many alternative grants from becoming famous, going to talk shows and writing books. These options can be used to raise millions of dollars over time.
  • Sell ​​real estate: Selling real estate can be extremely lucrative in Beatlife, because when you buy a property and wait a few years to sell it, the value of the property will increase.
  • Gambling: Gambling is another great way to earn money, but it also carries the risk of losing money. Luckily it is easy to keep your profits while gambling, unless you are very greedy.
  • Underlying Meaning: Marrying an elderly person who is burdened with money is another great way to earn a ton of money without doing anything. Using the dating app in the game you can find someone rich and old.

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How to become famous in Beatlife

If you get on the career track of anything that can be famous, you can make big money. Now there are a variety of options, you can be an actor, singer, DJ, writer, porn star, influential and much more. You don’t usually care so much about smart, but make sure your look is starting at least 80% or more.

Start hitting the gym as soon as possible, go for a walk and do martial arts to enhance and maintain your look. Graduate from high school and start looking for a job in any industry that can make you famous. You should join all social media at this time. You don’t really have to post, but once you become famous you will use them to keep your reputation high. If you reach the really high follower mark of one of them (10 million + followers), you can promote the product and get paid that way.

Once you find your location, be sure to keep your appearance above at least 90%. At the moment, if you go to the gym and use the salon and spa every year, you will be able to keep it 100%. Keep an eye out for any position above your current job list. You’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible, but other times you’ll just get promoted. Be sure to use hard work as an alternative to your job every year to increase your chances of growth and promotion. Eventually you will reach the heights of your profession and you will open Fame Percentage Bar.

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You can now write a book, do a commercial or photoshoot, and go to a talk show on the Fame Activity tab. These will help you increase your reputation rating, which will help you earn more money These can sometimes affect you, so it’s a risky and rewarding kind of thing. I’ll go to the talk show if you need more fame. I will only write a book if you have a high level of reputation, otherwise the book may fail and make you worse. Magazine shoots are pretty safe, and you’ll get some cash. Commercials will earn you a lot of money, so try to do them every year Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

How to buy and sell real estate in Beatlife

Once you have deposited some cash, you will want to start buying some real estate. It’s basically investing your money instead of sitting on it and it’s doing nothing for you. Buy the most expensive thing you can afford and go ahead and pay all the cash If the house is in bad condition you can always renovate it to increase the price.

Real estate is more of a long term plan, you want to stay home for as long as possible to get maximum return. To sit on them longer, you can leave them with one of your children (under the Will and Testament in Activities) and then continue living through them after your main buddy dies. That way you’re constantly making money, and even if you continue to buy a home and leave it to your kids, you could end up with billions of dollars.

How to marry someone rich and old in Beatlife

If you want to be a little bit worse about getting rich, you can marry someone who is quite old and rich to get their money. Once you’re over 18, get some kind of job, and then start a dating app. Every time you date a person it costs you some money. Do as much as you want and keep the maximum desired income. You’ll want your character to have a high look to stop it.

You are now looking for high figures in money and madness. You want their smarts to be quite low. If you find someone like that, you should maximize your relationship statistics and hopefully you can run away with them. If you do this way, you can bypass any prenup discussion. After that you will just wait for their death and inherit their money. Once you have a little nest egg, you can repeat this process over and over again because you don’t have to sign the prenip. To get enough money you have to work at least once so that you can marry someone old and wait for them to die.

How to Gamble and Play Blackjack at Beatlife Casino

Update: It has been patched from iOS version and can only work on Android.

This is probably the easiest method, but it can be frustrating because it requires some patience. The idea behind it is to reach the age of 18 and then go to the casino’s blackjack table. The more you win, the more you can bet. The hand of this blackjack continues to run into every million dollars. This method is safe, because if you lose a hand you can get out of the game so you don’t lose any money.

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Here’s a quick look at how you do it:

  • Go to a casino (stay together every time)
  • Maximum bets (the more money you win, the more bets you get)
  • Play hands
  • If you win, leave the casino (this basically “saves” your win).
  • If you’re lost, stop the game immediately and reopen it (close the entire app, not just go to your home screen).
    • On an iPhone, you can double-tap the home button and swipe to close the app completely.
  • If you are tied, play the next hand as normal and look at the options above.
  • Go back to the casino and repeat

Once you win about $ 70,000, you’ll be able to place bets of $ 100,000 on each hand. Once you hit around $ 700,000 you can bet up to মিল 1 million per hand. Finally, it seems that once you win about seven million, you can start betting 10 million on each hand which is the maximum. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life begins!

Go to the real estate department once you start collecting a nice fortune for tips on how you can make more money and move on!

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Tips on how to play Blackjack in Beatlife

If you are not familiar with the game, here are some quick blackjack tips. Most fundamentally, you’re trying to get as close to 21 as possible.

  • In most cases do not hit if you are 17 or older.
  • If the dealer is showing 2 – 6 as their face card, don’t hit if you have more than 11!
    • This is because you can bust (get over 21), and they can easily bust because if under 17 they have to hit.
  • If you have a “soft” 17 and they are showing a 10 (King, Queen, Jack, or 10), you can hit.
    • A soft hand means you have an ace and something else. An ace in a blackjack could be 1 or 11. If the dealer shows a 10, it is usually a bad sign for us. In the hope of getting fewer cards we can try to get our hands on a “soft” risk that will bring us closer to 21.

For more information on Beatlife, Pro Game Guide covers you with a huge and ever-expanding catalog of guides.

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