Clip of Elden Ring Shows Cheese Chief’s Attempt Failed

An Elden Ring player tries to outwit a boss using a super-powered magic construct, but it goes terribly wrong when they forget the spawn point.

Elden ring features dozens of fearsome bosses for players to challenge. some heads of Elden ringnotably the optional endgame fights, are considered by many to be the toughest bosses in FromSoftware’s history.

Since its launch in February, Elden ring Players have developed various strategies to take down bosses with minimal effort. These cheesy tactics often allow players to defeat the boss without getting hit. Some rely on glitches, while others use overloaded builds and abilities. Many players have used cheesy tactics to defeat bosses in other FromSoftware games, so it’s not surprising to see them find ways to defeat the bosses. Elden ring. One player, however, was hilariously unsuccessful in his attempt to use a powerful attack on a Elden ring field chief.


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A Redditor named Mirror_of_Souls tries to use an overpowered Elden ring tactic to defeat the Bell Bearing Hunter boss, which can be fought in various locations in the game. Bell Bearing Hunter’s health bar appears at the bottom, indicating the start of the fight, and Mirror_of_Souls starts preparing for his strategy. However, the boss is nowhere to be seen. Mirror_of_Souls executes the first step of the tactic, only for the boss to hilariously appear from behind. The video ends at that exact moment, but it’s safe to assume they didn’t get a chance to complete the tactic.

It’s funny to see Mirror_of_Souls prepare for his enhanced attack, but forget about the boss’s location. One post mentions how Bell Bearing Hunter approaches the player like an ax assassin in a horror movie. Mirror_of_Souls claims that they panicked after seeing him, made several mistakes, and ultimately died. They also confirm that this fight takes place in the Secluded Trader’s Hut in Dragonbarrow, and mention that the boss will be very difficult for players using a melee build. Elden ring.

In this case, Mirror_of_Souls uses a powerful magic build that can defeat many Elden ring bosses in one hit. The main sorcery used is called Comet Azur, and players can unleash a massive beam that lasts for several seconds. A Cerulean Hidden Tear is required for this cheesy tactic, and players can also use other spells and equipment to increase their magic damage. Mirror_of_Souls casts Terra Magica to increase their damage output, but the boss appears as soon as they use the Flask of Wondrous Physick, which presumably contains a mixture of Cerulean Hidden Tear and Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear.

Elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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