Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate Raid Phase 3 Guide

Get the third phase Final Fantasy 14Of Dragonsong’s Reprieve Ultimate is solid and worthy of celebration. Coming to this point means that the Raid Party has crossed the first stage against Adelphel, Greenax and Charibert; As well as the second episode against Thordon and his Knights. The previous two episodes are quite challenging, but FFXIV The raid party is not over yet and this next episode is not over.

In this episode, the expedition will fight against the occupying Estonian. A lot of positioning is required to fight because of the tower. Players will want to avoid hits as much as possible because vulnerability stacks can spell death later. Although still difficult, this stage is smaller than the others and actually has very few mechanics. In this mechanics, however, there is a lot of randomization and possibilities for players to strategize.

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Set-up, Nidhag clones and towers

Needhog’s first attack

In terms of markers, raids are usually 1, 2, 3, 4, A, B, C, and D in the cardinal and inter-cardinal circles in a circle around where Needhog will land. Remember that Touching the walls of this courtyard causes instant death. The first attack will be from Nidhog raid-wide, Which could be fatal if the team does not heal and mitigate their fight with Thordon. Once Needhog lands, a tank must catch his eye and keep him away from the party. This is because, like Thordon, his auto-attacks are cleavage.

After three auto-attacks, Nidhag will cast Dive from Grace, which will Put markers on people’s heads. Party markers will be one, two and three. There will be three “1” markers, two “2” markers and three “3” markers. This is the marker Needhog’s clones will dive into those players. These numbers will be on the players as debaf. Once the clones drown the players, they will move to the back of the tower. A player that was No. The tower hit by that particular Nidhogg clone must be the one to throw it behind.

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Needhog clones will make specific dives: High Jump Target, Illusive Jump Target and Spine Shutter Dive Target. Different dives leave the tower in different ways, which is important to know because players want to keep these towers arranged around the boss. At best, players should be arranged One to her left, one to her right and one behind her.

This is where markers will become very useful. Players will want to position themselves so that others do not hit them with their dives, but in a way that makes it easier for players to run and stand behind the tower. The three types of dives work as follows:

  • High Jump Target: The clone will dive over the players and the tower will be placed on top of them.
  • Elusive Jump Target: The clone will place the tower behind the targeted player.
  • Spinal Dive: The clone will place the tower in front of the targeted player.

Players are advised to take the towers in the following pattern:

  • Players marked with number 3 take the towers left by players marked with number 1.
  • Those marked with 1 take the towers left by the 2-marked players.
  • 2s takes the rest of the towers by 3s, but since there are only two marked two players, a marked player must take one of the three towers.

Meanwhile, the real investment is going to be to throw a stack marker and then Lash and Gnash Or Gnash and Lash. These attacks are either in-and-out or out-and-in mechanics, respectively. So the raid party has to be stacked and then go in or out. Once some towers are taken care of, there are some Nidhogg clones that need to be baited, as they will be casting the line AOE. Their bait so that they face away from the party.

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Pillars and towers with rage

Once the AOE clones are tempted, the original tank will again receive Nidhogg’s clearing auto-attack. Nidhogg will then be cast Drachenlance, Which has a cone-shaped cleavage in front of it. Then, Four The tower will appear, With this time The column that shows the number of players needed to stand between them. These towers will be on each inter-cardinal side. The raid party will have to be planned according to how many players are needed in this tower, who will stand where and where they will move (clockwise or counterclockwise).

When this tower happens, it will be there Bait Players that need to be taken care of. A Nidhogg clone will have a Tankbusters, And there will be a tankbuster alongside the original Nidhogg. After that and after the towers, Needhog will do a few more auto-attacks that should take care of the main tank.

Now is the time for players to melt the health of Needhog, or they will lose his temper. Once he loses, players will want to stack up immediately and prepare for the next episode of the fight.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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