Elden Ring fan spends 75 hours drawing jaw-dropping Malenia

Elden ring proved to be a huge success for FromSoftware, quickly becoming one of the studio’s best-selling games and earning widespread and near-universal critical acclaim. As you can imagine, Elden ring‘s incredible popularity inspired his fans to create all kinds of fan art and other creations in homage to the open world epic. This fan art often pays homage to certain characters and bosses in the game, such as an amazing piece of art shared on Reddit recently by user OmarvinG94.


OmarvinG94 claims to have spent 75 hours creating Elden ring fan art honoring the optional boss Malenia, notorious for being one of the most challenging bosses in the entire game. The jaw-dropping artwork stands out from other fan art because it doesn’t simply feature a form of Malenia. On the contrary, it shows Malenia how she appears in various stages of the boss fight and elsewhere, as well as being full of easter eggs for the most observant fans.

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Malenia is featured several times in the play, with its first and second phases represented. The upper part of the drawing shows Miquella, a character who doesn’t actually appear in Elden ring suitable, but whose “eggs” players can find when visiting Mohgwyn Palace. Malenia’s title is “Blade of Miquella”, so it makes sense that Miquella would appear in the cartoon.

One of the more hidden but more interesting details of the design is that it also includes what appears to be the famous Elden ring Let Me Solo Your player, also known as “Jarnished” because they wear a jar on their head. For the uninitiated, Jarnished is a Elden ring player aka Klein Tsuboi, who took on the mission to kill Malenia as many times as possible. Tsuboi helped others Elden ring players kill Malenia over 1,000 times at this point and has become a celebrity in the community as a result.

Those who want to see OmarvinG94’s version of Jarnished can locate them in the lower right corner, in the center of the piece, just below Malenia’s hand. Those who take a look elsewhere in the drawing will find some other fun Easter eggs and references, which add up to make this one of the most impressive pieces in the world. Elden ring fan art that has been shared by the community to this day.

It is possible that Elden ring fans will soon have some new characters to inspire their art. Rumor has it that FromSoftware is working on a Elden ring DLC expansion, but official details have not been announced at the time of writing.

Elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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