Elden Ring Leaker finds evidence of PvP ranking system

An Elden Ring dataminer uncovers evidence that the open world RPG may have featured ratings for PvP systems at one point in time.

Elden ring is, as gamers are well aware, a massive game full of a variety of features and complex systems. However, those familiar with FromSoftware’s previous work are likely also aware that the game’s PvP systems may not be as robust as some of the developer’s previous games. New data information about Elden ring may indicate that FromSoftware had bigger plans for multiplayer, though. Elden ring may even have had PvP rankings at one point, but they didn’t make it to launch.


Twitch streamer StrayKurtis drew attention to the curious datamine in a tweet that is now being shared among Elden ring community. The Twitter post explains that several unused text prompts were found in Elden ringfiles. These popups include text labels including “Bloody Finger Rank Advanced”, “Hunter Rank Advanced”, “Recusant Rank Advanced”, “Duelist Rank Advanced”, and “Furled Finger Rank Advanced”. Labels are obviously not really used in Elden ring.

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Each of the labels, as Elden ring players are aware, refers to a different type of PvP interaction. An interesting example is the difference between Refusing and Bloody Finger. Both the Refusing Finger and the Bloody Finger work in the same way. Using any of the items will cause the player to invade another player’s world with the aim of defeating them. If successful, the Denier’s eyes turn golden and the Bloodfinger’s glow turns red. In other words, they are almost identical in Elden ringperhaps suggesting that there were plans to make them unique that didn’t pass.

Rankings would supposedly work by rewarding successful PvP interactions. Invaders would be rewarded for killing hosts. Hunters would be rewarded for killing Refusers and Bloodfingers. Duelists would be rewarded for winning duels. The Tangled Finger ranks could have been conquered by being successfully summoned, like the legendary Let Me Solo Her.

Unfortunately, there are no further details on how these multiplayer rankings work. It is possible that there were rewards available for reaching certain levels. It could even be possible that there are story interactions available to progress through various levels of PvP. NPCs like Bloody Finger Hunter Yura and White Mask Sweep definitely feel underutilized in Elden ring. Maybe there were more of her stories left on the cutting board.

PvP and co-op ranks aren’t the only multiplayer features FromSoftware seems to have cut either. There are several arenas scattered throughout the Midlands, suggested locations for organized PvP and duels. These locations are not actually used in Elden ring, However. Perhaps all the evidence at hand means FromSoftware is working on a major PvP update for Elden ring. Or maybe players are left wondering what could have been.

Elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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